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The most memorable classes for you

Mabel Katz.

We are very happy for Mabel because she just got home to Los Angeles and is able to see her family again after being abroad for fouth month.

This trip was a blessing, fromunforgettable presentations in Spain and Croatia, to the beautiful experiences in Avalon last week.


In case you missed it, we want to tell you that Mabel had opened a new section in her store for you, and it’s available for the next 48 hours. Here you will find some of the most memorable monthly classes we’ve had with our Ho’oponopono Family. In these five classes, Mabel talks about topics such as living in harmony, making your dreams come true, relieving suffering, and how to find love.

Each of these classes are incredibly priced at only $10 USD.

But wait. If you decide to get three classes, you can choose the ones you like best for a special price of $25 USD total. All you need to do is choose the ones your heart desires and enter the code: 3classes at checkout.

And that’s not all, because if you want to get them all, there’s a special pack of all five classes for only $40 USD by clicking here.

Take action now because these classes and prices will only be available for this weekend.

Change Your Consciousness and you change your world
Live in Harmony Class Mabel Katz

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for growth and healing!

In the dance of life, every moment brings us opportunities to heal, grow and be guided by the wisdom of the universe. Trust that by practicing Ho’oponopono, we open ourselves to these opportunities, allowing the divine light to guide us to our highest good.

With love,

Mabel’s team

Spread peace and love

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