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change your mind change your body

Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

Discover the power of Ho’oponopono to transform your body. Change your mind, release fear-based thoughts, and regain control of your health. Experience the profound effects now.

QA september 2023

Let the healing begin

Discover the Power to Heal and Reclaim Your Health. Join our September 2023 Q&A session on Let the healing begin and unlock the keys to a healthy mind, body, and soul. Don’t miss out, prioritize your well-being today

Help a Young person find their way

A message of freedom to young people

Do you want to discover the magic that happens when you connect with yourself? Choose your own path to success! Learn about the power of Ho’oponopono and find true inspiration.

are you growing spiritually? Mabel-Katz

 Are you growing spiritually?

Are you growing spiritually? Discover the Ho’oponopono journey of transformation and cleansing on the MANIFEST 2023 tour. Enjoy experiences in different places full of energy and wisdom.

you live in your own prison

 You live in your own prison

Discover the power of forgiveness in Ho’oponopono to free yourself and open the doors to a life full of opportunities and blessings. Heal, grow and move towards inner peace!

let's connect with higher energies

 Let’s connect with higher energies

Transform your life with Ho’oponopono and connect with higher energies. Discover the power within you for love, joy, and abundance. Unleash your full potential for a passionate, fulfilling life. Start your journey of self-discovery and renewal now.

QA July Mabel Katz

Forgiveness will set you free

Discover the transformative power of forgiveness to set yourself free from anger, resentment, and judgment. Embrace love, joy, and a liberated spirit. Explore more now.

membership join us

What do you with your time?

Discover the Easiest Way to Live with our Ho’oponopono Family. Ho’oponopono can help you manage your time, find your passion, and let of of your limiting thoughts and toxic beliefs.


Finding Love Within Yourself

Unlock your true happiness with Ho’oponopono! Discover the secret to finding love within yourself. Embrace positivity and reach new heights of joy.

Advanced Ho’oponopono

Advanced Ho’oponopono

Unlock the secrets of inner healing and transform your life with Advanced Ho’oponopono. Discover how to elevate your consciousness and attract abundance. Start now!

inflow abundance

Why does everyone keep choosing Inflow Program?

Unlock the power of abundance and prosperity with the Ho’oponopono Inflow Program. Join over 500 others who have benefited from Mabel’s unique approach. Learn to FLOW and unleash your full potential. Commit to success today

QA may Gratitude

 Use gratitude towards your relationships

Unlock the power of gratitude in your relationships with Ho’oponopono. Transform negative energy and experience harmony in all areas of your life. Boost your spiritual growth today.


Rewrite your story. Be yourself

Discover how to overcome insecurities and live a purposeful life. Learn the power of rewriting your story and transforming fear into freedom with these inspirational insights.

happy mothers day

Congratulations to all mothers

Mother’s Day, which is celebrated in May in many countries of Latin America, the United States and other parts of the world, is an opportunity to congratulate all those moms

Mabel Katz New Jersey Seminar Ho'oponopono

What happened to Mabel?

Recently, Mabel announced that she would be taking a well-deserved sabbatical month to deepen her cleaning, recharge her energies and continue with her “Manifest 2023” Tour.

Live Ho'oponopono for love

You come before anything else

Today I have a question for you: Do you value and accept yourself as you are? Loving others is important, but loving ourselves is vital to our own happiness and well-being. Remember that peace begins with you. By loving yourself, you are giving yourself permission to be happy, expand, and connect with that part of you that