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100% responsability Mabel Katz QA July

You are 100% responsible

I have learned through Ho’oponopono that taking responsibility for our lives changes everything. I invite you to my monthly class. Do not miss it.

Machu Picchu Mabel Katz

You will never be the same

I’m writing to you before starting a Magic Retreat in Buenos Aires and feeling more than ever the word THANK YOU every moment of this I AM 2024 Tour.


The Path Of The Souls

Do you have doubts about what happens after death? I’ll tell you all about the controversy here.


Know The Power of Your Mind

Explore how to master your mind with Ho’oponopono to become happier, change your mindset, and gain more resilience.


Ho’oponopono for Peace

Discover how Ho’oponopono can bring you peace and gratitude in this post. Mabel explains it to you. Don’t miss it.