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An affiliate is someone, like you, who wants to help spread the word about our products and services and earn some extra income while doing so.

It’s free and easy. You only need to fill the registration form. Once you’re signed up you’ll receive an email with your affiliate link. Use this link to tell people about our products and services through your website, blog, social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), newsletter or wherever else you feel is suitable to make your recommendation.

Wouldn’t you like your friends, co-workers and family members believing in themselves too? You know how much we need to be reminded so we don’t go back to our old habits. This way we can support and empower each other.

When someone buys through your affiliate link from any of our websites you earn a commission on any digital product we offer – it’s that simple.

How our affiliate program works?

After signing up as an affiliate you will receive your affiliate link. You then use your affiliate link to recommend our products or services and when a sale is made we pay you a commission. It’s that easy! Affiliates earn 15% commission on successful sales of digital products  (audios or videos), telewebcasts, webinars and special promotions. The minimum payout threshold is US$25.

Please Note: This does not include buying for yourself.

How do you get paid?

When you sign up as an affiliate our affiliate system will track anyone who comes through your links by using a ‘cookie’. If that person makes a purchase you will be credited for the sale.

What does it cost?

It costs you nothing to sign up, it is completely free. We pay via PayPal so you will need a PayPal account, but it’s also free and easy to obtain.

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¡Aloha! I have so much to be thankful for! I am grateful to have learned about Ho’oponopono and Mabel Katz. I’ve been linked to the affiliate program since 2017, and it’s magical how words and topics come at the perfect time. In addition, the opportunity of constantly cleaning, learning and growing in the community has made my life take a 180-degree turn. I went from being a victim of circumstance to being 100% responsible for everything that happens around me. Also, my financial situation has improved notably, especially because I learned that money follows passion, and now I share the products that helped me make money.


This “relearning” is a path I have decided to walk hand in hand with my teacher Mabel and the Divinity. Infinite thanks for coming into my life.

– Paola, United States


I joined Mabel Katz’s affiliate program in 2015, at the time I was going through a very difficult economic situation and all I was looking for was a way to generate extra revenue. At first I knew very little about Ho’oponopono and for me it was one of many techniques that people believed in to cope with life, nothing more. With time I began to learn a bit more and follow with more interest what Mabel said. At that time I was uploading information to my networks, although without great organization or discipline.  One day I got my first commission. Later I understood, that money had begun to flow, when I began  to trust.

Since then I have established a work routine to share the information provided at the Affiliate Center and with perseverance and dedication I have seen very positive results. Today, the commissions I receive allow me to have an extra income to pay for some of my expenses.  So if you want to keep learning from this wonderful woman and take an economic respite, don’t hesitate and be part of the Affiliate Center, with discipline and a work plan you will see the results. A hug.

– Karlen – Colombia


Hello Mabel! Let me tell you that I am very happy as I commited to the Affiliate Center and on April 27 I had my first sale through the page. Thank you Mabel for giving me this opportunity to, on one hand you’re still my teacher and I can clean, and at the same time that it adds up income. This is fantastic and incredible. Thank you for the opportunity. I let go and I trust.

– Griselda, Argentina