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My Ho'oponopono Classes

I will teach you how to alleviate suffering and live in harmony through the power of love. You will learn effective techniques to overcome depression, pursue your dreams, and transform your life.

Mabel Katz

Don’t miss this opportunity for growth and healing!

Choose the one that resonates with you the most:

  • Change your consciousness and you change your world.
  • Live in Harmony.
  • Are you ready to find to love?
  • Do not identify with your pain or depression.
  • Change your mindset and make your dreams come true.

For only 48 hours, each class is priced at an incredible $10 USD, but if you take 3, you only pay $25 USD. What do you think? If you haven’t participated in any of them, I recommend them. Using the coupon: 3classes. If you haven’t participated in any of them, I recommend all 5 for only $40 USD.

Change Your Consciousness and you change your world

The difficulties of life exist so that we can experience who we are not before remembering who we truly are.

Imagine a world where there is only light. If you have never experienced darkness, how could you understand and appreciate the light? It is the contrast between light and darkness that leads to deeper knowledge. The earthly realm shows us this difference because it’s a place of opposites. The absence of something is what best teaches us its value and meaning.

Live in Harmony Class Mabel Katz

Contrary to what people would like you to believe, living a harmonious life is not as difficult as you think.

Living in harmony may seem like an impossible task. Life is complicated, intricated o intricating, distracting, worrisome, anxious, and chaotic. But as Albert Einstein (a philosopher and scientist) once said, “Out of clutter, find simplicity.” In other words, from chaos, we can find order and meaning, all the while recognizing that our imperfect world is pure perfection.


Did you think you needed a dating app or website to find love?

No, all you need is an open heart and inner wisdom to know what you are looking for. And then the strength to welcome this love into your life. Trust me; you won’t want to miss this month’s Q&A class. It’s a special journey that will show you the path to love.

You see, the world is not so much broken as it is hungry for love and light. Your light.

Suffering is not something we can avoid as humans. However, we can change the way we respond to our suffering—how we perceive it. And how we perceive it can dramatically change our entire life—turning it into a path towards a more joyful existence.


As we age, we drift away from the stars and become rooted in the everyday physical world.

We become practical, cynical, and fearful. Gradually, we stop believing in what is possible and abandon our dreams.

Well, I hope you agree that it’s time to reclaim that child who believes in dreams, and that’s why I come to you this month with a simple message. There is nothing new in my message. It is as timeless as the stars, so you must know that this is not really my message. It is God’s message: Follow your dreams with all your heart!