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Finding Peace with Ho’oponopono

As founder of the “Peace Within is World Peace” initiative, I have a vision of a world where people
will discover who they are, their natural talents, and what they came to earth to do, so everybody will
find their happiness, freedom, and inner Peace.

I believe that:​

  • When we discover who we are, We don’t need to be right or have the last word.
  • When we discover our natural talents, we don’t need outside validation.
  • When we discover what we came to earth to do, we have found our purpose.
    When we know who we are, we are happy, free and at peace.

People who are happy, free and at peace will:​

  • Let go and let God
  • Not react based on their beliefs, opinions and judgments
  • Be one with the goodness of The Universe
  • Not think about killing, hurting or taking advantage of others
  • Know if they are at peace, everybody around them will be at peace
  • Know that everything they need to change themselves and the world, is inside of them
  • Attract the resources they need effortlessly
  • Be successful professionally and personally

The ancient Hawaiian art of Ho’oponopono is a process to find peace
within ourselves through cleaning the negative programming from our past.

It’s about 100% personal responsibility – not guilt. You’re responsible for the programs playing inside you that manifest problems in your life. In fact, most of your problems have been accumulated in your subconscious mind over time.  The solution is simple: take responsibility. Because when you take responsibility, you can set yourself free. When you change this in your life, things will start changing in the world. 

I Embrace the Conscious Peace Philosophy:

  • As I accept, I am not my beliefs, opinions and judgments.
  • As I let go, I allow God (The Universe) to cleanse my beliefs, opinions and judgments, I am letting go of the errors that attract and cause conflicts and wars.
  • As I discover who I really am, I let go of whatever is not me.
  • As I take 100% responsibility to free myself from the conflicts and wars in my mind first, I let go and let God (The Universe).
  • As I realize, I know nothing, only God (The Universe) knows. I become humbled.
  • As I set myself free, I set my World free.

In the same way, when we practice acceptance and abstain from trying to impose our point of view, when we accept people, situations, circumstances, and events as they occur, we can be at peace, no matter what is going on around us.

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How can we make an impact?

  • By inspiring others to believe and practice the Conscious Peace Philosophy.
  • By setting examples of taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions.
  • By supporting and reminding each other “Peace begins with me.”

The Flor de Lis Symbol

If we embrace the Conscious Peace Philosophy & Flor de Lis Symbol we can inspire others to join us in this global peace movement. Let’s set examples by taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions. Please share the Flor-de-Lis tool with the World!! Would you like to let go of the constant warfare in your mind and set yourself free from the ideas, places, situations and beliefs that keep you stuck? I do. All we have to do is say to ourselves “I put the Flor-de-Lis on the situation.” 

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Featured PEACE products & Trainings

We created the Peace Begins With Me bracelets and bumper stickers so you can proudly spread the Peace message to anyone you pass by. The symbol and message will spark conversations with your friends or family about how peace starts within. Love is contagious…so help me spread its virus throughout the world.

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My Peace Statement

I think if we want to achieve the World Peace in this world where there is hate and violence, we must find peace within ourselves. This is why our themes is “Peace begins with me”. If I’m in peace, the world around me will be in peace too and not the other way.

The ancient hawaiian of Ho’oponopono is a process to find peace within through cleaning the negative programming from our past. We can use Ho’oponopono and the concept of cleaning the negative programming in our journey to the World Peace.

I think, if we understand our unity with the Universe, we would reach inner peace automatically. This is the peace that will be reflected all around us, to our family, neighbors, communities and all the nations. This change towards peace is already happening and the Flor de Lis is the symbol of the new age that has begun in our planet.

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Mabel Katz