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Thank You




Thank You

Ho’oponopono is about to take you on a journey of self-awareness,
and peace beyond understanding

So, what is Ho’oponopono and how can it help you?

Many around the world believe Ho’oponopono is a prayer, mantra, or form of meditation. And to a degree, they are right. After all, Ho’oponopono is a way of asking God to inspire you to follow what is right and perfect for you. And it would be correct to assume that the Ho’oponopono technique of repeating the words “thank you” or “I love you” is a mantra of sorts. I would even call Ho’oponopono my 24-7 meditation—an ancient way to reach heightened states of awareness.

Ho’oponopono is all of these things—prayer, mantra, and meditation. But let’s be clear: Ho’oponopono is much more than that.  At its fundamental core, Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian art and practice of problem-solving that helps us achieve greater clarity of purpose while helping us live and work more effectively.

The meaning of Ho’oponopono is to amend or correct an error. According to this ancient philosophy, the problems that appear in our lives come from a thought, a memory, or a running program, memories playing in our subconscious  (errors), and they appear to allow us to let them go and erase them.

Ho’oponopono shows us how to erase our problems by permitting the part of us that really knows, so it can correct, and make perfect.

My mentor, Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len said that Ho’oponopono came from other galaxies. That it was practiced by the Hawaiians that first inhabited Hawaii.

Ho’oponopono has helped millions of people live a peaceful, happier, and more conscious life.

Maybe it can do the same for you!.

“Clean, erase, and find your own PeacePassionHappiness

Where? Within yourself


Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona (May 19, 1913 – February 11, 1992) was the creator of Self-I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono. She was recognized as a Kahuna Iapa’au (healer) in Hawaii and honored by the State of Hawaii as a Living Treasure in 1983.

Morrnah described Ho’oponopono as a profound gift which allows one to develop a working relationship with the Divinity within and learn to ask that in each moment, our errors in thought, word, deed or action be cleansed. The process is essentially about freedom, complete freedom from the past”, Morrnah said.

Morrnah left her updated version of this ancient Hawaiian philosophy of problem solving to mankind as a gift to be shared and practiced.

Before that version, the way to practice Ho’oponopono was with the whole family present. Nobody could be absent. There was a moderator and each member had the chance to ask forgiveness from the others. Nowadays families don’t live close or together as they once did. To reunite the whole family and put them all in a room at the same time would not be simple.

I just realized that all God is asking from us,

is  to take good care of ourselves and to say I am sorry. That is it.”

Dr. Ihaleakalá worked, traveled and presented with Morrnah for years and also updated the Self I-dentity through Ho’oponopono to make it even easier and more applicable in modern times. The new process became individualized so that it could be practiced alone. I took my first training with Ihaleakalá in July of 1997 in Omaha, Nebraska, this is when I invited him to come to Los Angeles. I coordinated (sponsored) Self-Identity through Ho’oponopono (SITH) for the first time in January of 1998. There, I realized I had found what I was looking for and decided to ride one horse.

Throughout the twelve years I lived with Ihaleakalá, he shared with me the many cleaning tools that would appear to him during consultations, trainings, meditations and long walks. I traveled with Ihaleakalá to many other countries, he teached and attended as a student, at the first Ho’oponopono training in Ireland, where I presented with Mary Koehler. By the time Ihaleakalá decided to retire in 2002, I felt in my heart, for the first time, that I could teach Ho’oponopono. I asked the Foundation of I, Inc. and they decided to meditate on it –since the secrets of Ho’oponopono are not rational, but “acquired” by those who live with them- until finally they gave me their blessing. That was when I started teaching it. I taught  (SITH) on behalf of the Foundation for many years, until in 2004 I asked permission to create my own Ho’oponopono seminars using the material of the Foundation.

Ho'oponopono works for everybody! And can change your life professionally and personally.

I am a living testimony that the results are guaranteed.

“I can’t even remember how many miracles this technique has brought to me as well as people, animals, and things around me”

Ely, Argentina

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