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Children are truly amazing and have much to teach us about being our true selves in the here and now.


Introduce Your Children to
The Ancient Art of Ho’oponopono

When we were born we were at the true source and pure at heart.

We lived right here, right now, in the moment. We were innocent, not tainted from life or our memories.

With every passing birthday we acquired worries, fears, and insecurities. Then we began to form programs in the way of judgments and opinions. We became detached from who we were and began to lose our connection with nature and God’s universe (the true source).

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Are you who you are because of what others taught you?

We learned it was not ok to be different, so we began to formulate who we were according to what others thought of us. Then opinions, judgments and expectations became our beliefs; not only about ourselves but the world around us. As we lost who we were, we lost our innocence and then we lost our way.

As children we were open hearted, but very soon learned to close-up. Controlled by our programs, and by allowing others to determine who we are, set us on a course for certain unhappiness.

My books and training seek to show children how to hold onto their true essence and to remain “pure at heart,” so they never lose the joy and peace that is their birthright. Thus allowing them to be themselves, and in turn, become messengers of these ever present but often unseen and revolutionary simple truths.


I wish all children peace beyond understanding

If you’re interested in introducing your child to the beautiful
art of Ho’oponopono, here are a couple of fun ways:

Book: “The Easiest Way to Grow”

The children of this world are the future. It is imperative that they discover who they really are. We can change our world by changing what we tell and show our children. I have used simple messages for all little children, for the adults with little kids in their lives, and for the inner child that lives in our subconscious mind. A book based on Ho’oponopono for children from 3 to 100 years old!.

The written simple messages here and the digital audios and videos have the potential of creating happy children throughout the world.

Book: “Maluhia, The Happy City”

Maluhia is a wonderful place where children and adults will want to visit again and again to remind themselves that they can be happier. If you come often enough, you just might find yourself living in a paradise of your own.

In twenty-six charming stories, you will find messages that shine brightly and awaken greater awareness in readers who are young and old. These stories create the vision of how the world can truly become a happier and more peaceful place to live. They also convey how important it is to support our children’s positive imagination and beliefs, and allow them to be themselves so that they will go on to create a better world for all of us.

Training: “The Easiest Way to Grow… At Zero”

An opportunity to remember how to live a happy, productive, and fulfilling life, holding on to your true essence. With every passing day children and adolescents grow, they acquire worries, fears, and insecurities that create limiting beliefs based on the judgments and opinions of others. Ultimately, they  become detached from who they  really are as they begin to lose their connection with nature and the universe.

This fun, light-hearted 1 or 2-day workshop  is an opportunity for your child (or you) to remember how to live a happy, productive and fulfilling life, holding onto your true essence as you grow. 

Every Child Has Unique Talents, Natural Gifts and Perfect Rhythm

In my books and trainings I’ve teached children all around the world to stay tuned to the natural frequency of their heart.  So they can appreciate who they really are, and find their talents, natural gifts, and perfect rhythm. They learn about finding their courage, following their passion, letting go of what is not them, trusting in their hearts, walking in faith and living everyday in gratitude.

I show them that God is always there shining his light upon them, to always put Him first, see others as He sees them, and then let go and let Him bring what is right and perfect.

I teach  children about the power of the mind, such as: if you say you can, you can, if you say you can not, you can not, and how we create with our thoughts, and choose our destiny. I’ve expanded my quest for world peace by teaching children, including those with special needs as well as their parents, by visiting schools, orphanages, and non- profit organizations.

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Visité el peescolar Guatemala 2018



From the moment my daughter Angelica could speak, my wife and I taught her the  Ho’oponopono Mantra “Please forgive me, I’m sorry, thank you, I love you.” Mabel’s book “The Easiest Way To Grow-Messages You Will Be Glad to Know”, was the most wonderful next step in learning about Spirit, and explaining living a life using Ho’oponopono.

Matthew Dixon


Flag Argentina

Hello Mabel! Sayen and me are reading your book Maluhia, and we are delighted. She takes it to school every day and it’s a beautiful tool which brings us closer in cleaning. Everytime she asks me to sit down and read it together, and each one of us reads one page out loud for us to enjoy. Here is a photo of one of those moments. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Sayen y Adriana



After reading Maluhia with my daughter Alma, she started practicing Ho’oponopono, we became closer and now the Disney movie titled “Luca”, has the phrase: “Silence, Bruno”. My daughter says: “Mama, it’s Ho’oponopono, but with a kid’s phrase:” I’m very excited to share it because not only me, but now my daughter also vibrates in Ho’oponopono. Thank you, Mabel and your team for such blessed Work.

María Rodríguez


Czech Rep

The teachings for children, are one of the greatest inspirations we have received from Mabel. The messages that are in her teachings for children are needed more by us, the adults, than children, because they are much wiser. My kids can’t sleep without the audios.They say ”it helps them sleep better” I’ve noticed an incredible change, they’re radiant, independent, have progressed in various areas of their personal development and at school, etc. Definitely invaluable cleaning.
Thank you!


Czech Republic

Imagine if your child knew how to transform challenges into opportunities

Children are the future, and my hope is that we can change the world by helping them retain their joy and inner peace for living, before time takes it away. I give children the understanding and tools to see their problems can be one step-away from their freedom. And, if they just say “Thank you” to the problems and the bad energies around them, they will go away.

When we are okay with ourselves, accept 100% responsibility for our reality, and see everything and everybody as a blessing in our lives, then and only then, can we learn to let go and let God bring us what is perfect and right at exactly the precise time.



Changing Our World Through Education

Over 2500 years later, Confucius’s words still ring true for our modern times. Education will always be the foundation for a better life — not only the first step to building confidence, hope, and peace but also  the foundation for freedom, love, and spiritual consciousness.

Children - Ho'oponopono

We are all
God’s children

I have traveled the globe many times — enough to know that the world comes in many shapes, colors, and sizes. We are all different, especially when it comes to our children.If you follow me at all, you already know that children hold a deep and special place in my heart.

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Conscious parenting
through music

In my travels around the world, parents will often bring their children to my Zero Frequency and Ho’oponopono workshops. Parents want their children to be aware and conscious and understand their place in the universe. These parents watch as their children’s eyes light up when I speak about..

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Mabel’s teachings has given my daughter a connection to the Divine, and the ability to learn through love.

Matthew Dixon, USA

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