Month’s special Q&A: Make Life Easier

Do you know what I hear all the time?  “Mabel, life is soooooo hard!”  I usually nod, and then agree…
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Ho’oponopono and Friendship

Friends are definitely one of life’s most important choices. By choosing friends you will be deciding who you want to…
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Living Life Without Plans

People ask me how can I get so much done for my work—writing books, giving speeches and workshops, and then…
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Are you ready to teach through music?

Have you ever thought about using music as a tool to uplift the spirit of your child? Certainly, the world…
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Ho’oponopono in Cairo

I am very happy to announce that on Friday, May 28th I will present, for the first time, my Ho’oponopono…
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Transcend your problems

“Life is possible only through challenges.”OshoThe number of challenges we are facing today is growing longer by the second. And…
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