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Bio de Mabel Katz

¡Aloha! I am

Mabel Katz

World spiritual leader, peace ambassador, author, 1000+ conferences & seminars in more than 38 countries, millions of lives transformed.

Mabel Katz Bio

Aloha! I am Mabel Katz, and aside from more than 1,000 conferences presented in more than 38 countries, workshops, and the books I have written, I come here to tell you a little about myself…

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Although I was born in Argentina, I have spent more than half of my life living in Los Angeles, where I became not only a successful accountant, but also a business consultant, and even a tax advisor. All without yet being aware that every step and decision I had made in my life, was leading me to what I consider my greatest success as a human being and as a professional: to be a spiritual guide for you and millions of people around the world with the expertise of Ho’oponopono, an ancestral cleaning technique.

It was during that first stage of my life when I founded Your Business Inc., my first company, and I would also say a great school where I began to improve my ability to work more closely with people.

Later on, looking for how to improve my contribution to the Latino community in Los Angeles, and motivated by the genuine desire to raise awareness about the best life options for Latinos in the United States, I decided to produce and host a radio show called “Despertar”, as well as a talk show: “The Mabel Katz Show.” These programs managed to place me in the public arena of the Hispanic community in the United States.

“We can choose to be happy and enjoy every moment of our lives”

Despite the great success and recognition achieved within the Spanish-speaking community, I decided that it was time to go one step further, I listened to my heart’s desire and dedicated my talents, and that powerful motivation I had already found, to help thousands of people around the world who, like you, seek to change their lives and their mentality… And I knew that the tool for this was nothing more than the ancient art of problem-solving, Ho’oponopono.

Why Ho'oponopono?

Besides from what you might think, Ho’oponopono is an ancient philosophy that goes beyond the repetition of the well-known mantras; it is a problem-solving technique capable of helping us achieve greater clarity of purpose by helping us to live and work more effectively.  

And in my case, it was no exception; Ho’oponopono was the tool that took my personal growth to another level and achieve the inner work that I am sure, you are looking for.

"Ho'oponopono is a way of living and perceiving the world and problems in a different way. To learn to live this life attuned to peace, happiness, and abundance."

When I found Ho’oponopono and began my training with my teacher, Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len, I dedicated my body and soul for more than a decade, to developing this passion. Thanks to his teachings I did not only learn all the secrets of this beautiful ancestral practice but they also germinated in me my great purpose of life: to share how Ho’oponopono can transform and attract more happiness and peace in your life.

Mabel Katz Dr Ihaleakala

Because with Ho’oponopono you will feel at peace beyond the tests you have around you. You will begin to understand how you generate every second of your current existence and how you can modify it.

Zero Frequency® it's where the magic begins

At Zero you are simply yourself. Content, complete, and happy.

The road traveled has been long and full of situations that have not only helped me to continue practicing everything I preach with Ho’oponopono on myself, but have also taken me to the point of creating Zero Frequency®, a philosophy of life that seeks to teach you to anchor yourself in the present moment to regain your authentic power, and generate a state of unlimited peace and abundance.

A State of Being, where connection and inspiration will be your guides for all the decisions in your life. By opening your mind and heart you will wake up and marvel at the possibilities that life has for you while recovering your Natural State. Free of judgment and by taking 100% responsibility for your life you will set yourself free.

Mabel Katz Zero Frequency

"Let me show you the path that will lead you to the dreams you have imagined. Better yet, choose the Path (or paths) that work best for the life you want to live."

 Mabel Katz

As you can see, and many times you have heard me say, “Everything is perfect and Everything happens for a reason.” This wonderful path that I have traveled has led me to materialize the great gift of my life: helping people and organizations realize their potential and live happier, and more meaningful lives. All of this got me to enjoy the privilege of speaking to thousands and thousands of people in over 38 countries and witnessing first-hand the power of change in millions of people. 

These are just a few of the many ways I can help you...

free video course hooponopono

The Easiest Way to Understanding Ho’oponopono

Learn how Ho’oponopono works and how you can practice it simply and practically in your life. 4 Free Videos, which I have prepared for you so that you can start practicing Ho’oponopono on the right foot.

Ho’oponopono conferences, seminars, and workshops

Conferences, seminars, and workshops

Powerful workshops and seminars designed by me, all to help you boost your potential, your company, and your team. Discover how to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right people, effortlessly, using very simple but very effective tools.


Ho'oponopono Support Community

Join our Ho’oponopono family and share with a community full of Love, Support, and Growth! Enjoy daily resources and support to achieve your well-being.  A Private Cleaning Forum, an Exclusive Video Library, and much more.

Now that you know a little about me, will you let me help you transform your life? Let’s cultivate hand in hand the certainty that you can find your inner peace and connect with your personal power with the help of Ho’oponopono and Zero Frequency®.

With love

Mabel Katz

I invite you to see how Ho'oponopono has helped these people, and
how it can help You.

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