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Do you know what would happen if you stop making plans?

Zagreb Croatia

I should have arrived in Belgrade Thursday night, however, I am writing to you Friday morning from Frankfurt airport, where I had to spend the night and where I will spend the entire day today.

I remember that Dr. Ihaleakalá always said, when a flight is delayed, doesn’t leave, or even when you miss it, say thank you. The truth is that it is not fun, but they are opportunities that God gives us to practice letting go, accepting, and knowing that everything happens for a reason.

Let me share a message that someone received several years ago and that somebody that came to the Zagreb seminar 2 weeks ago, reminded me of:

“The Croatian country has karmic connections with Argentina. These karmic knots were created long ago in the so-called ‘Age of Heaven’. Some of the main characters have lived in these two territories, although there were no countries then. It is no coincidence that Mabel Katz has chosen this country to share this spiritual technique of Ho’oponopono, just as it is no coincidence that most of the people of the Balkans have accepted it”.

So maybe with this flight cancelation, God is allowing me the opportunity to do some extra cleaning before getting to the Balkans. What do you think? Or maybe is it because Argentina beat Croatia this past week in the soccer world cup? 

Zagreb training was very special, and the testimonials I received were even more special, like this one from Vela, a reviewer. I think she said these training were her number 11.

“If there is a place of extreme beauty on earth, it is at Mabel’s seminar for me. I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to stay and just keep feeling it in my heart. Nowhere have I felt closer to my essence other than at her seminars. I became a bit more of who I truly am after the seminar. Not because of Mabel as a person per se, but because of the wonderful Divine force and love that works through her.”

Some people flew from the USA to Zagreb to take the training!

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Now I would like to ask you, are you thinking about the end of the year approaching, and are you already making plans for next year? Making your wish lists to fulfill and your plans to improve your reality? Changing your job, deciding schools for your children, college for you, or whatever you’re worried about now? This is all good, but today I want to ask you a very important question and go a little deeper: What if you stopped making plans? You don’t need to answer me right away. Meditate on the question for a few minutes. Or maybe longer.

While you do it, your intellect (the radio) has surely begun to emit that “it’s impossible, that you can’t, that you have to plan every step you take. And then – Contact, FirstName- you ask me: How do I turn off the radio? I always respond with the most important words to me. Do you remember them? The words are “I let go and trust” and they contain much more than what you can understand…

In Ho’oponopono, I use “I let go and trust,” especially during difficult times. I hand it to God (the Universe) so that I can be guided, and I can attract what is right and perfect into my life. This tool means taking 100 % responsibility for what is happening, accepting that everything is as it should be, and surrendering to that superior force in us to erase the memories in our subconscious, guide and inspire us.

I know this is totally different from what you have learned, and that it resonates with you, that it feels good, but you don’t want to be “different.” That is why we have a Ho’oponopono Family that supports us, cleans with us, and reminds us of the importance of continuing together on the path, with resources and tools that accompany you daily. Are you already part of it? If not, I encourage you to click here so that you can receive the benefits of being a member of our family.

I’ll have more information to give you soon, but this month’s Q&A class for members will be more like a mini-workshop, where I will help you find your true passions and pursue the life of your dreams.

I have more things to share with you this month that I will share with you shortly, right now I am also working on a meditation that will help you recognize your true greatness.

Keep an eye out for the special things I’m preparing for you so you can close this year and begin 2023 the right way, because remember, where you put your attention, it grows stronger.

Let me remind you that 2023 will be the year to MANIFEST. My 2023 MANIFEST tour is will start soon, on January 8th in Barcelona. You can always participate as an absentee in my Spanish training and receive the benefits of the cleaning.

Do not forget that this December we continue with the Gift Chain LINK. You can still share this LINK with your favorite people and tell them that when they sign up they will receive a special gift from you in their mailbox.

Let’s keep growing our Ho’oponopono family, and remember, plan less and trust more. When you do, the Universe holds you in the palm of its hand.

Don’t think about it anymore. We are waiting for you on the other side to cuddle you and to assure you that everything will be fine.

With love,

Mabel Katz

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