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“It helps you let go of what it is not you, so that you can find out who you really are and fall in love with yourself. Only when you love and accept yourself, can you love and accept others. As you find yourself, you will find your passion. As you find your passion and trust, you will find your purpose. When you find your purpose and do what you love, you will be happy. Once you learn this, nothing has the power to upset you any more.

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“I purchased Mabel’s book earlier today, and I’ve been reading, and re-reading it ever since. It is so wonderful, and uplifting to know that the way to peace, love, and prosperity in all areas of life is so easy! Just take 100% responsibility for everything that shows up in your life, and say ‘I’m sorry, please forgive me.’ I’ve only been practicing ho’oponopono for about five months, but I’m already noticing a calmness within myself that wasn’t there before. Little things, (and even some big things), don’t have the same effect as they once did. Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend Mabel’s new book. Outstanding!”

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Ho’oponopono changed my life, changed me.
1. Beginning for me, it was not easy to say moment by moment “Thank you” or “I love you”…but now it is easy.
2. I used to wake up at 5.30 am, every morning, I arrived at the office at 7,30 am and I came home after 11,00 pm. Now I wake up when I can and I am not staying in the office after 6,00 pm (and I solve all tasks).
3. Before 90% of my colleagues always avoided me because I was in conflict with them (I work for a big company, 3500 employees). In the last six months I had only three conflicts (minor) and my colleagues are very nice to me. I detached from all the problems that are here and this is a state that still I am not comfortable in (and I still clean).
4. Many people asked me: What do you do? What do you take? (drugs?!), What do you eat? Because now I smile or make jokes all the time! (I didn’t do this until 6 months ago)
5. Before, I was living with my brother who is HIV positive. I was afraid to let him live alone. Now I have moved into a new apartment and I still clean with my fears.
6. Inside of me is peace and I can finally sleep.
I am sorry for my English, I am still learning. Thank you for everything Mabel and especially for appearing in my life!