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Do you know how to manifest what you desire?

Do you know how to manifest what you desire

Many times, we come back to seminars and don’t consciously know exactly why we do it. I know I kept going back to them again and again because I realized that after each seminar things started to move faster, I was more awake and alert, I reacted less, and above all, I felt more at peace.

The reality is that our intellect cannot determine why we choose to return, but it is because of the things that happen during the seminars, and it cannot be recognized or explained intelellectualy.

Every seminar is different. For example, this weekend in Zagreb, we received this comment from Maria Angeles from Spain:

“Wonderful Zagreb!!! It was a seminar full of light, where settlement and expansion are perceived, where the message reached where it had to go and the cleaning was pure and without interference. The blues were able to do their job and the universe and the divinities aligned to do it in a pleasant way. The dog that has been present in the room comes to clear doubts, he is a channeler… dogs bring messages. It’s no coincidence that he’s there, he came to help. The girl who sang was surrounded by the violet flame, her singing helped to transmute some fears…”

And to give you another example, I will tell you what happened in Madrid:

Marcela from Mexico wrote to me before the seminar began: “We continue to clean 24/7. Madrid is a place that comes with very strong energy, but you are accompanied by all beings of light, Divinity, Saint Germain, Merlin, the older brothers, angels and Dr. Ihaleakalá. They are all present, cleaning and helping you carry out your beautiful mission, which is cleaning, and erasing many memories. The living room is covered with many gold hoops, and each chair in the living room has a Fleur-de-Lys drawn on it, as well as the lounge ceiling.”

I also want to tell you that our Gift Chain campaign is growing. As you already know, the idea came in gratitude for the 200,000 people who follow us on Instagram. The chain allows you to give the digital book The Easiest Way to your favorite people, to help them awaken and manifest the life of their dreams. You just have to share this link with your loved ones and tell them that when they sign up, they will receive a special gift from you in their mailbox.

Osho teaches us that “when your heart is filled with gratitude, any door that appears closed can be an opening for an even greater blessing.” Keep it in mind and be grateful for everything that comes into your life. They are blessings that help you grow and heal.

My MANIFEST Tour 2023 will start in Barcelona in January. 

Together let’s make this month an opportunity to learn, share, gift, manifest and walk The Easiest Way.

With love,

Mabel Katz

Spread peace and love

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