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 You live in your own prison

you live in your own prison

Discover the power of forgiveness in Ho’oponopono to free yourself and open the doors to a life full of opportunities and blessings. Heal, grow and move towards inner peace!

A few days ago, in Buenos Aires, I had the opportunity to visit a men’s prison, and it was truly a unique experience. The first few minutes tears came to my eyes. It always happens when I visit these kind of places, because I feel tremendously grateful to God for giving me such an opportunity. I know that the gift is also for me; and as always, this talk was a before and after.

More than 100 men, many of them young guys, who were serving their “sentence” time were there, and they surprised me with what they shared. It was very moving to be standing in front of hundreds of life stories with the desire to change.

Here I share one of those:

Have you thought about all the amazing opportunities you could be missing out on, simply because of not forgiving? Somehow, we all live locked up in our own prisons. Those that have no bars, but the ones we create for ourselves with our limiting thoughts.

Yes, forgiveness is the path to set yourself free, and to a prosperous and loving future.

It doesn’t matter what kind of pain or suffering you’ve experienced in the past; forgiveness opens the doors of your heart and allows you to heal, grow, and move toward a life full of opportunities and blessings.

This is why I decided to talk about how to forgive and open the doors to love and prosperity in this month’s Q&A. If you missed it, you can still participate.

You get the recording, and in addition, you will have access to all the resources of our Ho’oponopono Community for an entire month, such as the daily inspirational cards, the weekly inspirational audios, and exclusive 24-7 cleaning forum, an exclusive library, and other benefits.

When it comes to your prosperity experience, forgiveness is necessary. If you connect from a place of prosperous consciousness, which is about love, you feel good, you are happy, you appreciate, and you connect with your higher Self, you will begin to attract much more prosperity than you can imagine possible.

We carry the burdens of our past for so long that over time we forget that we carry them… but we never let them go or “take off our backpack” because we have never truly forgiven.

Let me ask you: are you happy? Well, nothing needs to change, and forgiveness doesn’t need to happen if you’re happy in your heart. You have free choice. You decide.

I hope you choose to forgive and join our Ho’oponopono Family

With love,

Mabel Katz

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