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What is the best Ho’oponopono prayer

Ho'oponopono prayer

Words have great power over the mind, being the main vehicle for a person to communicate. It is not strange then that prayers are the main means of action that Ho’oponopono has to function. This meditation philosophy focuses on taking 100%  responsibility for everything that happens in our life, and from there being able to co-create a happy and peaceful life no matter what’s happening around you. Ho’oponopono prayers and trigger words bring us to the present!

In Ho’oponopono all of the words and phrases work the same. We already know the four phrases, “I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you,”  are a combination of words that became very famous on the Internet but it’s not the only or main form of practice. “Thank you” or “I love you,” or any of the trigger words that come from your inspiration, will be perfect to do Ho’oponopono.

To go deeper into Ho’oponopono, we can mention that it is important to put aside the expectations and practice it as much as possible. Ho’oponopono keeps us in the present, and only from there are we free to manifest the life of our dreams.

Ho'oponopono prayers for the day to day

As we said earlier, any Ho’oponopono prayer and any of the tools work the same way. The cleaning with Ho’oponopono is not done with an intention or looking for a semantic meaning of the words; they are simply ways to let go and erase the memories that are replaying in our subconscious.

When we do Ho’oponopono, we are giving permission to Divinity so that everything correct and perfect manifests in our lives, from the purest love and the greatest humility.

Trigger words for the Ho'oponopono prayer

Some of the more well-known Ho’oponopono trigger words are:

  • Thank you
  • Love you
  • Emerald Green
  • Flor-de-lis
  • Ice blue
  • Flypaper
  • Dewdrops
  • Light Switch

You have to try Ho’oponopono! Remember to practice as many times as you can, and let go of expectations. Solve problems and bring more peace into your life. The Easiest Way to Live is waiting for you.

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