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What is happening is very serious and important

Together we can make a difference inthe world

I’m sure you already know about what’s going on in the world.

Last Saturday on my LIVE broadcast, I shared a very important message and I would like to ask you to watch/listen to it, if you haven’t yet, or if you already watched it, I ask that you please watch it again and do the exercise/meditation we did during the LIVE broadcast.

Yes, please do the meditation and repeat it every time you can. We are living critical, crucial and very determining moments in the world, and it is very important that we plant our little seed of peace to be able to help.

Everything that is happening is very serious and will have repercussions in the world. You can make a difference, and together we can change the world.

This could be the final battle on the planet. Depends on our decisions. Will you join me?

Please share this link to last Saturday’s LIVE SESSION with your friends and family. We need to get together and have more people join in and help transform fear into love, in order to elevate the energy. Are you with me?

I wish you peace beyond understanding.

Mabel Katz

Spread peace and love

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