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What do you with your time?

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Discover the Easiest Way to Live with our Ho’oponopono Family. Ho’oponopono can help you manage your time, find your passion, and let of of your limiting thoughts and toxic beliefs.

How often in your day or week do you say, “I don’t have time for that”?

Whether it’s about exercising, calling a friend, or working on a project, it seems like we’re constantly saying that we don’t have enough time.

The strange thing is that the #1 place that tends to get the “I don’t have enough time for that” reaction is around our own self-care.

We’re so tied up feeling like we need to earn more money, be more productive, get more done, and not waste any time, that we don’t make time to feel better, and just enjoy life.

The reality is that what separates us from the activities we love has nothing to do with having enough time.

It has to do with what each one of us does with our time.

Why has the West become so tense about time? Not a single moment is to be lost because once lost, you cannot find it again; it cannot be reclaimed. The East is at ease. Nothing is lost, everything can be reclaimed. You cannot lose it even if you try. Things will come back. Death will be followed by birth again, you will be young again. Everything will come back, will return to itself.

“There are two ways to live, to be, and to know: one is of effort, will, and ego; the other is no effort, no struggle, and letting go to flow with existence”.- Osho

I hope you choose to live the latter, choosing The Easiest Way to Live and letting us support your journey by joining our Ho’oponopono Family.

With love,

Mabel Katz

PS: Great news. More Ho’oponopono trainings in English. Now in Amsterdam, New Delhi and Zagreb. Check our calendar.

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