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We thank you and appreciate you Mother Earth! 


We may not always be aware of it, but we are living out in space.  We live on a planet that is just hanging in space. We are on a spaceship called Earth.

This is really profound, and it is important that we have this self-awareness.

When I watched this video it really hit me. To look at Mother Earth is indeed an overwhelming and magnificent experience. The Earth is a beautiful, dynamic and alive place to be living in. Please look at her and admire her glow. See her shadows and light (days and nights), and her colors. Her beauty is tremendous.  She is spectacular. She is really alive!

In this an awesome planet, we need to realize of our interconnections and transcend the sense of separation. Our molecules are one and the same. We all are, in fact, made of the same star dust. We need to start seeing the big picture. Earth is one system, and we are part of that system.

We need to unite and be more coherent, like one breathing organism, because the Earth is fragile and we need to take care of it. We are responsible for its wellbeing.

We need to look for different ways, realizing this is one eco system, and when we do something someplace, we affect other places. If the Earth is sick, we are sick. We are one entity, with one destiny.

Think about it, maybe the most important reason men went to the moon is to look at the Earth. What a privilege we have to be the chosen ones to be right here right now!

Let’s wake up and pay attention. Let’s have a basic understanding of who we are. This is what it takes to build a new civilization. We need to work together, setting aside our differences, learning to face our difficulties in a different way. We must adopt a new behavior, a new sustainable approach, instead of our destructive ways.

Please watch this striking video. Contemplate, reflect on it and feel free to leave us a message below. You will have a greater appreciation for our mother planet and see how privileged you are to be here. You will understand that we are all part of a BIG PLAN.

Spread peace and love

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