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We let go of expectations

Let go of expectations

I’m now back in Los Angeles and I’m really happy about how the seminars turned out in Mexico City last weekend. So grateful for all the different opportunities that came up for cleaning.

Every seminar is unique, and this one was no exception. The truth is that very special things happened! I’ll share “something” that Marcela from Mexico wrote to me after the seminar:

“The energy was felt from the moment you entered the room. All the vortices and channels were open. At all times, memories were being erased and souls that had been stagnant for a long time, since the times of war, were being released. They rose in the form of blue pens going towards the light. Now they are already in the frequency of love. Also, during the blackboard exercise, at the Zero Frequency seminar, when each person was erasing what was written, you could see how the memories rose in the form of little white lights. We cleaned illnesses, we healed wounds of the soul. The healing of the Divine Masculine was something very special. It was incredible to see so many men healing, that is why Dr. Ihaleakalá was present, helping with the healing”.

Seminar Mabel Katz

The commitment to Ho’oponopono cleaning at these times is very important. We need to start making more decisions from inspiration than from the intellect. Only there is where we can find “the easiest way”, and make a difference.

Now let me ask you: how many times have you thought that this or that thing would happen? Do you still believe that you are the one who designs the plan of your life? There is a greater force; and a vital part of clean is letting go of expectations so that God (or the Universe) can truly act.

I’m inviting you to watch this video where I share more about this topic with you.

To have an expectation means to be attached to a particular way in which we figure how events should happen. I still have expectations, but I know it’s my intellect making stories! Ho’oponopono is the way to let go of them.

With love,

Mabel Katz

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