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Unlock your potential and your child’s potential

Let me tell you that we had a wonderful time at the Retreat in Medellín. It was full of beautiful surprises and lots of magic.

Those who attended had the opportunity to live many special moments in connection with nature, with that part of themselves, the I AM which they came to awaken, creating very strong emotional ties in a wonderful place “above the clouds.”

Today, Saturday 13th, I’ll be presenting my Ho’oponopono seminar, where you can still participate as an absentee if you have already attended a Ho’oponopono seminar before.

Now, since we’ve been talking about the consciousness topics such as the first-ever Consciousness Upgrade Summit, which will be happening virtually on April 17th & 18th, where I will be participating, and I hope you have already registered. TODAY, I want to recommend to you my CONSCIOUS PARENTING WORKSHOP.

Imagine a world where parenting feels joyful and fulfilling…

A world where you can connect deeply with your child, understand their unique personality, and guide them towards their full potential. This is what you are going to find in this program.

Access this 6-hour workshop and discover:

  • The 5 fundamental truths of Conscious Parenting – the foundation for raising empowered children.
  • Your DISC personality style and how it impacts your parenting approach.
  • Your child’s DISC style – understand their needs, motivations, and emotions.
  • Powerful strategies to create a safe and nurturing environment for your child’s growth.
  • Essential life skills to equip your child for success in a changing world.
  • Practical tools for improving communication, resolving conflict, and building harmonious relationships.

We believe there is nothing more noble or important than the role a parent plays in bringing life, light, and love into the world.

Let us build a better world together. One child at a time.

With love,

Mabel Katz

Spread peace and love

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