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When I look back, I often ask myself: how could it be that my life has changed so much in such a short time? I was an accountant, who specialized in taxes in the USA, and in the blink of an eye, I became an international speaker and a Ho’oponopono world leader. Or maybe I became who I truly was. I just didn’t know it until I woke up and learned to trust myself more, using Ho’oponopono.

Self-confidence is the foundation of success. And this was the most important part of my change. To start practicing trusting myself and learning to put me first. To not give so much importance to what others thought of me, and above all things, learn to be me, accept and love myself the way I am.

Ho’oponopono allowed me to live in the present moment by moment and exercise that champion muscle that we call confidence.

Confidence is not so easy to master, and that is why it is so important that you connect with your Ho’oponopono practice to really make room for the right and perfect things to come to you. Ho’oponopono is the switch that cuts off all interferences in your mind and puts a brake on opinions, judgments, expectations, and what you thought should happen. It opens you up to the world around you and allows you to truly trust in yourself, and your inspiration. It is the direct connection with the Source, with the origin of everything, with the wisdom of creation.

Your existence is an expression of life itself, and believe me that life is too important to waste it. The Universe is waiting for you to use your talents to create a better world. When you change, everything changes. And what is the first step? Let go and trust, know you are not alone, and nothing bad can happen when you grab God’s hand and allow Him to guide you.”

When you trust, you will leap and dare to do those things which you always dreamed of, but your fears and preconceptions prevented you from doing. When you trust you become a child again and are amazed at all the wonderful things that can happen. Free. No fear, no worries, without an intellect trying to understand everything, or to be right.

In our life, everything is memories that are replaying in our subconscious, and Ho’oponopono is the way to erase those programs that are making decisions on your behalf without you knowing it, 24 hours a day. If you don’t stop and erase them, the result is almost mathematical: nothing will change. You will keep repeating and attracting the same.

You will enjoy life much more if you trust in the synchronicity of life, in its wisdom, and its magic. Let go and trust!

Spread peace and love

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