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This week we talk about love

let´s talk about love

 Did you know that when you say “thank you” in Ho’oponopono you don’t need to feel it or meant it? “Thank you” in Ho’oponopono is a cleaning tool (like a pass code). Ho’oponopono is an inside job. You are not saying it to anybody or anything outside yourself.

Now, we need to acknowledge that gratitude is VERY powerful! Gratitude has a positive ripple effect on almost every aspect of our lives. And research even shows us it can have a wide range of positive effects on our physical and mental health.

Unfortunately, we often spend a lot more time complaining than we do thinking about what we have to be grateful for.

I suggest you stop right now and think of all the things you could be grateful for at this moment, and that you bring an attitude of gratitude into your day today.

Gratitude brings you closer to LOVE, it changes your vibration. Like Osho says, “Love basically is a state of being; one is not in love, one IS LOVE.”

Talking about LOVE, Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and this year I invite you to fall in love with yourself.

And this Saturday in my LIVE session at 11 am Los Angeles time, I am going to talk about love and much more.

Check at what time it will be in your city by clicking here.

So, do not forget we have our date tomorrow Saturday at 11 am Los Angeles time. I will be waiting for you at the LIVE session. Click here to set your reminder.

In the meantime, if you are ready for love, I suggest you take advantage of this class special offer today for only USD $10. All you need is an open heart and the inner wisdom to know what you’re looking for and then the strength to welcome love into your life. Trust me when I tell you that this class is a journey that will show you the way to love.

See you Saturday!

With love,

Mabel Katz

P.S.1: SAVE THE DATE. Our next monthly class where I answer all your questions, will be Tuesday February 28th and this month’s topic will be “Accepting death to live a better life.”

P.S.2: Would you help me? I am one of the finalists of BienPremios! I owe that to the love and unconditional support of many people that voted. Now, the stage where everything is decided begins, and since we got here, it would be great to be able to receive this award from BienFest, in the category: Blogger or Influencer with the most impact on Well-Being where I am nominated. The page is in Spanish, but maybe you would like to try and help me?

If you decide to support me, please go to this link to vote. Thank you for your support!

Spread peace and love

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