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“The Peace of I” in Ho’oponopono


Among all the tools in Ho’oponopono, “The Peace of the “I” stands out as a very powerful prayer that brings peace to your soul and serenity to your thoughts, and that we use not only as a powerful cleaning tool but also to close our day, a meal, a session (even our Ho’oponopono seminars).

“Peace of I” is a way to cut the aka cords – as Hawaiians call those invisible cords that bind us together when we have memories in common (mostly from other lifetimes).

If you are in a war with yourself and do not know how to turn your life around, then Ho’oponopono is the practice you need, and the “Peace of “I” is surely a mantra that you can treasure and use whenever you need to return to your inner peace.

Complete Prayer of "The Peace of I”

The practice of Ho’oponopono meditation is basically a paradigm shift and destruction of structures – it is to change the way of seeing things and the permanent confrontation that sometimes you can have with everything that happens. There is no one outside yourself doing anything to you, it is simply your memories replaying themselves in your subconscious mind and making you believe that you know what is right, what is not, how, when, and where in every area of your life.

The prayer of “The Peace of “I” as well as all the trigger words of Ho’oponopono, clean equally and allow you to reconnect with your true essence and the present time; only from there can you create a reality where surprises and miracles become common.

“The Peace of “I.”

Peace be with you, All My peace,

The Peace that is “I,” the Peace that is the “I am,”

The Peace for always, now, and forever and evermore. 

My Peace “I” give to you, My Peace “I” leave with you. 

Not the world’s peace, but only My Peace, 

“The Peace of “I.”

If you’re wondering when you should use Ho’oponopono tools, you have to remember that cleaning should be done all the time, as much as you can. Memories are playing 24 hours a day in our subconscious minds, and you never know what you could be avoiding.

You can create your own rituals and for example, recite “The Peace of “I” before going to sleep, but the truth is that your inspiration will guide you and this prayer could be used as many times as you feel it.

"I am the “I," is another prayer you can use

Surely you have heard of “I am the “I,” a prayer as powerful for transmuting as “The Peace of “I,” through which we open our day, a meal, a session, and also we use it to start our Ho’oponopono seminars.

“I am the “I,”

“I” come forth from the void into light, 

“I” am the breath that nurtures life, 

“I” am that emptiness, that hollowness beyond consciousness.

The “I”, the id, the All. 

“I” draw my rainbow across the waters, 

The continuum of minds with matters.

“I” am the incoming and outgoing of breath,

The invisible, untouchable breeze,

The undefinable atom of creation.

“I” am the “I.”

In this way, connect with your most spiritual side and do not stop improving the course of your life with Ho’oponopono and all its tools. Nourish your soul, become an observer in the face of “problems” and stay in the present moment – God (or the Universe) has a lot of blessings to bring into your life.

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Peace mini workshop

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