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The Origin of Ho’oponopono

Hawaii Mabel Katz

Have you heard of Ho’oponopon? It is an ancestral Hawaiian art of problem-solving, which mainly tells us that there is no one outside doing anything to us, but that all that happens to us are memories replaying in our subconscious mind. And as if that was not enough, it reminds us that we are 100% responsible for what we attract in our lives. Therefore, if we can create it, we can change it.

Going back many many years ago, Ho’oponopono was used in the Hawaiian tradition to solve the different communication problems that families and communities could experience, turning to it to allow each one to be reconciled or repentant.

To solve these problems and to release “complicated” situations, meetings were organized between families, in which certain words or phrases were pronounced as prayers, specific difficulties were formulated and each other’s mistakes were recognized. The main idea was to forgive and accept, rather than project the fault onto the other.

In these ancestral practices of Ho’oponopono, everyone expressed their deepest feelings and was heard. It was a kind of group mediation, very respectful and healing. They asked each other for forgiveness.

Origin of Ho'oponopono with Morrnah Simeona

In 1976, Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, daughter of one of the last Hawaiian priestesses to heal with words, decided to adapt the old ways of intervention of the island traditions to the social reality of her time; bringing Ho’oponopono into the simple, deep, and individual practice.

Ho’oponopono, as we know it and practice it today, is done in “solitude”, connecting us with ourselves and Divinity itself; to regain inner peace and balance.

Years later, Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len, trained by Morrnah, made a great contribution to the world of Ho’oponopono. For four years he worked at the Hawaii State Hospital, an environment where violence reigned and involved very difficult working conditions. Staff was often placed on sick leave, and many feared being attacked by patients.

Dr. Hew Len did not visit his patients but merely consulted their records in his office. However, in a few years, the atmosphere was transformed, progressively and completely. Both staff and patients calmed down, regaining a climate of harmony. Patients went home, and the mental hospital closed.

Dr. Ihaleakalá explained that despite being a clinical psychologist, he did not do conventional therapy with those patients. He shared he had cared for all his patients working on himself, on those memories in him that created that reality. What is happening before us is nothing more than the reflection of the memories that are playing in our subconscious mind.

Perhaps some people may find it hard to accept that we are 100% responsible for everything that happens in our lives; however, the sooner we do it, the sooner we will be freed. And difficult situations in which many of us find ourselves, resolving in miraculous ways.

Taking 100% responsibility will set you free. Believe me, when you change, everything changes.

Constant Help

My own annoyance, anger, and dissatisfaction were what led me to Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len, who taught me this ancestral art and with whom I learned. This became for me, a philosophy of life. I ended up spending more than ten years of my life with him, deepening my knowledge and commitment to Ho’oponopono.

The wonderful thing about this practice is that it will help you let go of everything that is not your true self, so you can discover who you really are and fall in love with yourself. After all, only by accepting and loving ourselves will we be able to accept and love others.

Your job is to take responsibility. Let go through a simple “thank you” or an “I love you” repeated mentally, and surrender to “a part of you that knows best,” which can erase those memories in your subconscious mind. And what is erased from you, is erased from your family, relatives, and ancestors.

If you are looking for The Easiest Way to Peace, Happiness, and Abundance, do not hesitate. Welcome to our Ho’oponopono Family. 

Spread peace and love

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