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The dangers of Ho’oponopono

The dangers of Ho'oponopono

Ho’oponopono is an ancient  Hawaiian art that is focused on solving all kinds of problems, both personal and professional. The meaning of this Hawaiian word is simply to correct a mistake, always starting from an individualistic perspective where our being, in all its splendor, is responsible for everything that occurs daily in our lives. Being like this, it is understood that to practice Ho’oponopono is to advocate taking 100% of the responsibility for what we attract in our lives,  including our problems.

Far from bringing any particular risk, or thinking that Ho’oponopono can be dangerous, you must know that in doing so, you are looking to attract what is right and perfect for you and all the people involved, and you don’t know what that is.

Few or none are the dangers that you can find in Ho’oponopono, however, despite the above, let’s see what people can see as risky in this practice.

What are the dangers of Ho'oponopono

Situations you're not prepared for

Although it may sound simple, solving a problem based on 100% of the responsibility can bring with it feeling bad – because we are confusing it with being guilty and we feel worse than when we started doing it.

Promote more problems

Sometimes the appearance of more problems arises, and this can promote frustration and negative energies (which are sought to be avoided through Ho’oponopono). It is important to know that we are letting go and letting God, and God knows what memories in our subconscious mind we are ready to transmute. 

Sometimes you have to go through a tunnel to see the light. We must continue to let go and trust to see how God works. Observe and don’t get hooked. If you keep letting go, you’ll see the results.

Peace of mind can be achieved

Another danger of Ho’oponopono is the belief that you are going to do it and you are going to get everything you want when you want it. As a consequence, you get frustrated and think that there is something wrong with you, that you are unlucky.

Remember that you do it to achieve the peace of mind that you are so much looking for (even if you are not conscious of it), so it does not depend on whether things go as you expected or not. And it is also very important that you also let go of expectations.

And, based on all said above, it can be reflected that the dangers of Ho’oponopono derive from expectations and the full understanding of what this art of problem-solving is really about. The idea is to let go and ask a part of us that knows best, what are the perfect solutions for our problems.

How to avoid the dangers of Ho'Oponopono

As has been demonstrated, the dangers of Ho’oponopono do not exist unless your intellect is making its own interpretations, so I  always suggest you choose to continue letting go and trusting, starting from love and the search for reconciliation.

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