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Thank you once again. See you in Europe?

Gracias CDMX Mabel Katz seminars

Last weekend I was in Mexico. I am always grateful to be able to return there. We had many familiar faces in the crowd, and many people who have participated in many of my spiritual journeys.

Let me tell you that I was surprised because it had been a long time since I felt so exhausted after presenting a Ho’oponopono seminar, and it turns out that later I received this email from Maria Angeles who among other things she wrote: “I wanted to tell you that we were recalibrated and left well adjusted. This week would have been very complicated for us. The full moon, the eclipse of the reddish moon, and the 11/11 were too much exposure for us. Although we needed it to be for the greater good. Until yesterday many of us have been hungover, the cleaning was so deep that it does not surprise me that you felt the same or worse than many of us. What was experienced was powerful and we activated a lot of energy around you. We moved the Earth, and we activated the FAITH and when the floor moves, we have to know how to relocate.”

Well, I can tell you that Sunday was much easier. It had been a long time since I presented Zero Frequency – The Easiest Way to Prosperity where we let go of a lot of limiting beliefs, work on forgiveness, and also have a lot of fun.
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And now, I am already preparing suitcases to cross the ocean. When you receive this email I will be flying to Europe: first a spiritual journey to Turkey, then Madrid and in December the seminars in Zagreb and BelgradeClick here to go to the calendar.

Changes are possible, it’s just a matter of letting go of excuses and just daring to take that first step. Miracles happen when we stop playing the role of a victim.

It will be very good to meet you in Zagreb and Belgrade. If you are in Europe, do not think twice. This is your moment, and you deserve to make your dreams come true. Do not hesitate and register now. Remember that cleaning begins the moment you register. In addition, if you have already participated in a seminar, you can also attend as an absentee.

May I ask you something? What if you could have all your questions answered? Well, now you can. I recommend to you the Magic Three Audios set with Dr. Ihaleakalá. Experience the Magic from the comfort of your house. Click here to give this special gift to you and enjoy it.

Lastly, I remind you that from November 21 to 28 we will have our Cyber week. You will receive more details soon.

So, you have no excuses. You just have to take that step of confidence to see the results.

With love,

Mabel Katz

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