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Thank you for allowing me to accompany you

Happy holidays

I just want to say thank you for this year full of changes, opportunities, and experiences in which we have grown and learned together.

To help you take your journey even further, I want to give you my gift and a special discount to keep cleaning.

Take advantage now by redeeming your coupon DISCOUNT2021 at checkout, and enjoy a 20% discount on my physical books, DVD’s and CD’s.

We have also prepared a special bundle package of all the Zero Frequency® trainings (A $ 300 SAVING) that may interest you, which include videos of several virtual classes (and one LIVE event with Dr. Ihaleakalá). Let me share with you, that Dr. Ihaleakalá presented in my first Zero Frequency training in Los Angeles, many years ago!

As you already know, the purpose of Zero Frequency® is to help you reconnect with your true identity and mission so that you can live happily and in harmony, attracting what is right and perfect for you in an easy way. These classes are specifically designed for you to find that state of peace, while effortlessly attracting all the abundance you deserve.

Zero Frequency® is a state of being in which inspiration becomes your source and guide for all the decisions of your life.

Click on the image and see for yourself everything that is included:

Exclusive Bundle All trainings Zero Frequency

This discount will run till the end of the year, but don’t wait, so you can be sure you get all the discounts.

Gift yourself the tools that will allow you to connect with your inner-self and move forward on the path to your awakening.

Remember, you deserve to be happy. Let me help you!

With love,


Spread peace and love

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