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Start a New Year at Zero

Mabel Katz New Year

We can say that practicing Ho’oponopono connects us directly with Divinity, knowing that everything that happens in our lives is correct and perfect. We observe reality like a child, without judgments or conditioning.

So, from this Ho’oponopono perspective, the start of a new year is a great opportunity for us to slow down, pause, think about all the things we can be grateful for in 2022, and trust in all the possibilities we have coming forward.

We know that at this moment the resolutions or plans for 2023 arise, and we think that achieving them will make us happier and more fulfilled. Imagining a bright future also fills us with worries and expectations.

Zero opens you to infinite possibilities, the things you never imagined, nor are you aware of.  Zero is the unknown. Zero is nothing and at the same time, Zero is everything. Zero is where it becomes possible and better. Zero is the frequency of light and love.

Being ourselves is the core of Zero Frequency®. I often say it’s like going back to our childhood, the joy and innocence we’ve lost as time and age have buried who we truly are.

I recommend that you travel a lot, read all the books you can, experiment, fall in love with yourself, laugh, jump, dance, sing, and take action based on what your heart tells you, always knowing that you are not alone and that you can always hold God’s hand.

Part of waking up is deciding to let go and trust and always live in the present moment because making plans is living in the future, always worried and under pressure. And above all think that we know what is good for us.

Be enthusiastic and trust the unknown. 

That void that we call “Zero” is not as empty as it seems and everything you are looking for is there; because to create you need a blank canvas; and Ho’oponopono is the tool that allows you to paint it moment by moment.

This journey to Zero begins with personal responsibility, knowing that we have the power to change our world. 

In this year 2023, I invite you to live more in Zero Frequency, to open your mind, and to be yourself. Remember that the future depends on what we decide moment by moment.

Yes, your future is today, it is now! Start with a blank canvas. This is a new beginning. This is a new opportunity. 

Happy New Year!

Spread peace and love

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