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Serendipity and Miracles Through Ho’oponopono

Serendipity and Miracles Through Ho'oponopono

You may not know it, but there is a great relationship between the concept of serendipity and Ho’oponopono. If you have looked it up in the dictionary, we can say that serendipity is the circumstance of finding by chance something that was not sought; and Ho’oponopono is a door to it.

When we talk about erasing memories with Ho’oponopono to attract what is right and perfect into our lives, we are opening a door to miracles and letting go of all those thoughts that tell us how things should be and should happen in our lives. 

Before waking up, we spend our lives as great ignorants, believing that we are alone in this universe, and that we live in a world of unhappiness as a punishment, or that we are unlucky. Ho’oponopono reminds us of our essence and protagonism, that we must become children again and put ourselves in the hands of God, the Universe, or whatever you wish to call it.


When you practice this ancient Hawaiian art that I called “the easiest way,” these valuable findings that occur “accidentally” happen more frequently. Wondering why? “Coincidentally,” we are ceasing to manipulate what happens so that a higher force can do its work, and bring us closer to that happiness, peace, and abundance that is our birthright.

Did you think you had come to suffer? That thought and all those we carry in our minds are memories of generations and ancestors playing in our subconscious mind. In Ho’oponopono you can find a great tool to set yourself free and return to live at Zero Frequency®, where the magic truly happens.

Ho’oponopono teaches us that this path begins by taking 100% responsibility, knowing that we have everything in our power to change our world. If we don’t acknowledge it, we won’t be able to go deeper and find the truth. Living from who we are is the core of being at Zero Frequency® – in balance, at peace, and connected to a higher power– where you find the perfect solutions to all your “problems.” 

The best thing is that when you practice Ho’oponopono, serendipity happens, and life becomes the adventure it was always meant to be.

We already know that coincidences do not exist. And there is no doubt that finding Ho’oponopono is serendipity.

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