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Month’s special Q&A: Connect With Your Inner Child

connect with your inner child QA
It is no accident that I am drawn to children in my teaching or that they are drawn to me. We share a common journey—to discover (and express) our Divine selves through wonder, joy, play, intuition, and the universal call to “let go” and “be who we really are.”

You see, my friends, children want to be around those who share these truths. As for you and me, we want (and need) to be reminded that the most direct path to our spiritual awakening is by reconnecting with our own Inner Child.

Our Inner Child is our golden ticket to healing, evolving, and becoming conscious. Our Inner Child is also what will guide us to truth, show us the path to surrender, and open the door to peace and love. In fact, I believe that connecting with our Inner Child is the greatest gift we can give ourselves (and those around us). And, yes, the gift is waiting for you in this month’s Q&A.

Ultimately, our Inner Child contains our capacity to experience wonder, joy, innocence, and playfulness. You can also call it a very important part of us (behind our age and all the earthly roles we play in this body). Please remember, in Ho’oponopono our Inner Child is also our subconscious mind, which contains all the memories and emotions responsible for what we manifest in our lives. 

To become awake and live a truly spiritual life, we need to be responsible for these memories and emotions. Our first step is to connect and communicate with our Inner Child so that we can release and “let go” of these emotions (so they don’t lead us where we don’t want to go). Fortunately, once we become conscious of this connection (and take responsibility for it), our Inner Child could clean (Ho’oponopono) for us automatically 

And, of course, once we learn how to work with and take care of our Inner Child, we can harness its wisdom into spiritual power, along with the joy and freedom that our Inner Child so desperately wants to express. 

As the great writer and philosopher, Paulo Coelho once wrote, “Hold the hand of the child that lives in your Soul. For this child, nothing is impossible.”

Join me for this special (and close to my heart) Q&A. Let me show you how to connect and work with your Inner Child. Let me show you what is possible.

This is a special and perfect time of the year to make this connection. 

Come on, your Inner Child is waiting! 

Spread peace and love

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