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Millennials , The road to finding our true identity



Live in the present moment, enjoy each moment, listen to your heart, trust yourself, connect with your true self and your unique talents… let go and trust.

I remember the faces in the group of youngsters who attentively listened to me at one of my latest chats in Malaga, Spain, as well as in Cancun and Puebla, Mexico.

I could tell that these were youngsters with high expectations, many talents, and lofty aspirations, but they were also a bit confused, like they were searching for answers or trying to find their path.

At these chats, I learned to understand Millennials a bit more — a unique generation, full of ambition and talent, but who have also not quite found their identity, or place in this world. Society wants to put them in a box, in our comfort zone, which is why they don’t fit in.

In one of the schools in Malaga, one of the youngsters asked me if it takes a long time to change and be happy. I looked at him lovingly (I felt his longing for change). I would have liked to have hugged him, but there were lots of kids between us. From the bottom of my heart, I said, “You will be happy as fast as you decide to be. It depends on the choices and decisions that you make right now.”

We must understand that Millennials are different; they come with different programs than ours. They want to contribute, make a difference and have a purpose, but we are not allowing them to be themselves, nor do we allow them to use their natural talents.

Just like older generations, they need to follow their passions, ask the right questions, stop paying attention to what others say and let go of the negative programming. They need to trust in themselves, live in faith, and walk with gratitude.

At another school, I was asked if destiny was real — something pre-set and unchangeable. Unfortunately, this young woman had already decided for herself, and I think she did not believe me when I said that we could change our destiny by making different choices and, that we are writing our personal history at every moment. Nor did she believe that life is the consequences of our decisions and that we are all 100% responsible for our thoughts and reactions.

I hope that someday she remembers the information I shared and that she sees for herself that nobody is a victim or defenseless.

Let’s Connect to Zero Frequency®

When we were kids, we had pure thoughts. We had no worries. We didn’t compare ourselves to others. And we were also free and spontaneous. In other words, we felt connected to Zero Frequency®, where we fervently knew that anything was possible. Then, with time, we began to be influenced by the opinions and experiences of others, and we became dependent on that. We chose not to be different.

Now it’s time to go back to Zero. WE ARE FREE, and we can choose better!

We all need to connect and live in Zero Frequency® to feel ourselves and free ourselves from all the memories, opinions, judgments, internal wars, doubts, and fears that we have acquired. It is only then that we will achieve pure inspiration, happiness, peace, and abundance.

At another conference in Serbia, a 10-year-old girl asked me if speaking to animals was possible. I asked her if she was able to do so, and she replied “yes.” So, then I asked her to look at the 200-other people who were present and told her, “Do you see all these people here?” They cannot speak with animals, but you are right, and they are not. Please don’t ever change.”

When was it that we changed, and stopped believing in ourselves, and started thinking that others knew more than us?

Now we run into children and young adults who believe that that the profile they show in social networks defines them. These are the same people who share only the good or pleasant things that happen to them. Kids who, when they are sad, turn to an electronic device to find relief, who engage in cyber relationships knowing they are superficial. Kids who want to take on the world, but find themselves in jobs they’re not passionate about. They are immersed in a technological world, which is not bad; it’s just not well balanced.

It’s true, they have been raised with technology, but this should be only a tool. Their true passion and natural talents will only be found within themselves. It is the only place they will alleviate their sorrows. But, when they do, they will find their passion and purpose. And when they find their passion and purpose and do what they love, they will be happy and successful. They will have found their true path.

When you are your true self, you connect and find Zero Frequency®, that perfect balance and peace. You let go of everything you are not (memories, programs) and you fall in love with yourself. At this point, you will leave aside the loneliness you felt and begin to form profound relationships because when you love and accept yourself, you are capable of loving and accepting others.

Keep in mind that your true identity hears, sees and feels with clarity because you are in the Zero Frequency® of the universe.

Let’s not waste our time any longer, or make anyone else waste their time. All we need is to become happy people so that others are also happy as they find their true paths. Dare to be yourself and follow your passion and inspiration.

In this arduous path that I have undertaken, and thanks to the constant workshops I’ve given around the world, and the endless meetings with children and young people, I have confirmed the importance of continuing forward to share more with this new generation.

In a peace conference in India, where lots of youngsters attended, I was asked what would I tell this generation in 3 sentences. This is what I said to them and I say to you:

Be your true self. Believe in yourself. Love yourself.

Mabel Katz

Spread peace and love

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