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Mabel is not here, but we are 

Mabel Katz in India 2023

As you know, Mabel is already in India. On Tuesday, she began the journey that will last until November 18th , and then a short stay at the Osho Ashram.

Here we share some photos of what the group is experiencing.

Mabel Katz in India 2023 Tour Hooponopono 1
Mabel Katz in India 2023 Tour Hooponopono 4
Mabel Katz in India 2023 Tour Hooponopono 3
Mabel Katz in India 2023 Tour Hooponopono 2

Yes, Mabel’s fabulous team… and we don’t want you to miss out on anything that will happen in the upcoming weeks.

While Mabel is away, we want to let you know that we are already preparing for Cyber Week, which will run from November 20th to the 27th, with great discounts on all digital products. It is the most anticipated week of the year, unique opportunities for you. We want to do all of this because many of you have asked us what are the surprises coming for this special month of November.

This time we thought about creating a VIP list. Those who join the VIP list will have higher discounts.


If you join the VIP list, we will send you the offers a couple of days before everyone else receives them, and you will receive a special discount just for being there. You can even start thinking about December gifts, to stay one step ahead and take advantage of all the discounts.

You have to click on the button below and leave your name and email address, and a few days before the 20th, you will receive everything.

One more thing, don’t forget to watch and share the latest LIVE sessions that Mabel left us about inner peace and world peace. If we are at peace, we will have everything we need. The output is in English.

As Mabel says: Let’s transcend our fears, release attachments, and free ourselves from limiting beliefs.

With love,

Mabel’s team.

Spread peace and love

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