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Living Beyond Depression

QA March Living beyond depression

Let me tell you something you probably already know: The planet is filled with injured souls carrying wounds that the world will never see—loneliness, heartache, sorrow, and depression.

For anyone who has ever lived with depression, it can feel like a dark tunnel that never ends. Joy is nowhere to be found. And the heaviness of everyday life can be unbearable.

I want you to know that I understand your pain and, more importantly, that there is light and hope.

I hope you will join me for this month’s special Q&A, where I will show you a spiritual way out of depression and into a beautiful new life of hope and possibility.

Check at what time it will be in your city by clicking here.

You can participate from ANYWHERE in the World! If you can’t join the LIVE session, you can send your questions in advance and you will receive the recording 48 hours later.

So, how do you conquer depression and see the light of hope again? While no two journeys are alike, and we must all find a way out of darkness that works for us, we can begin with one universal truth: All deep and lasting change in our lives begins with the first step in the present moment.

Once we stop thinking about how our life used to be (the past) or the way we hope it will be (the future) and simply accept it the way it is, we will start to see our lives change for the better. As Ho’oponopono teaches us, if we embrace the present moment with surrender and gratitude, we can see that every moment is a spiritual moment, even our most challenging moments.

Remember, in addition, you will have access to all the resources of our Ho’oponopono Community for an entire month, such as the daily inspirational cards, the weekly inspirational audios, and exclusive 24-7 cleaning chat-forum, an exclusive library, and other benefits.

This is a liberating experience, the switch to turning on the lights and seeing your way out of the darkness. It is your path from hopelessness to hope, from despair to joy. And it’s so much closer than you think!

Do yourself a favor and join me on a journey to discover a whole new and happy life.

With love,

Mabel Katz

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