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Live beyond the fear of death

QA December we live beyond the fear of death

I am already in Amsterdam. It was hard for me to leave Malaga’s good weather and hospitality, but I am happy to be here, as this is a very beautiful and special city full of life.

I understand that the Ho’oponopono seminar, this Saturday, December 16th, here in Amsterdam, will allow us to erase many limiting memories about money, poverty, lack of, etc. Many programs and beliefs do not help us manifest it. I hope you can come and benefit from the energy of this intimate seminar. But if you can’t, don’t hesitate as you may participate as an absentee, if you have already attended a Ho’oponopono seminar before.

What is erased from us, is erased from you.

Now, do you want to know how to get your party guests to leave? Start talking about death! Yes, nobody wants to talk about death. Death is a subject wrapped in fear and uncertainty. It’s like a dark cloud that looms over our lives, often unacknowledged, yet deeply influencing how we live our everyday lives.

In short, we are afraid of death, which not only takes us out of the present moment but robs us of joy and keeps us from discovering ourselves as consciousness, light, and love! If you are on a spiritual journey, my friends—and aren’t we all? —overcoming our fear of death is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. And there’s no better time to start than with the beginning of a new year!

Join me for this month’s life-affirming Q&A, where I will show how to let go the fear of death and start the new year anew.


Check at what time it will be in your city by clicking here.

You can participate from ANYWHERE in the World! If you can’t join the LIVE session, you can send your questions in advance and you will receive the recording 48 hours later.

Simply put, overcoming our fear of death is about acknowledging the impermanence of our physical existence and recognizing the eternal nature of our spirit. This realization can be incredibly liberating. When we begin to see death not as an end but as a natural part of life’s cycle, we start to live more freely, authentically, and with a deeper sense of purpose.

As Ho’oponopono teaches us, so much of our stress and anxiety stems from our attempts to cling to things, to control outcomes, to resist the natural flow of life. This resistance not only hampers our spiritual growth but also prevents us from experiencing the fullness of life.

In this special Q&A, we will look death in the eye and release all the negative thoughts, fears, and mindsets that hold us back and bind us to this earth. You will let go of your fear to find your Divine Purpose as you follow your heart to the dreams you were meant to live. And from this sacred place, instead of being fearful, you will savor life’s experience in all its beauty. You will be bolder, more present, grateful, and loving.

In addition, you will have access to all the resources of our Ho’oponopono Community for an entire month, such as the daily inspirational cards, the weekly inspirational audios, and exclusive 24-7 cleaning chat-forum, an exclusive library, and other benefits.

Also, We are enabling 20% discount on all physical books in my online store, available ONLY FOR MEMBERS. What do you think?

Happy holidays books

Remember, this isn’t a conversation about the end; it’s about beginning a new chapter in your spiritual journey, one where you live more fully and fearlessly and embrace the infinite possibilities of life.

With love,

Mabel Katz

Spread peace and love

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