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Learn how to change your mindset and make your dreams come true

Change your Mindset and make your dreams come true QA

Hope you’re doing well! I come to you this month, with a simple message (a challenge, really), which I hope you will welcome into your heart with an open mind and a pure heart. There is nothing new in my message. It is as timeless as the stars, which is why you must know this is not really my message. It is God’s message. And it is this: Follow Your Dreams with All Your Heart!

I know you’ve heard it a million times since you were a child. Unfortunately, as we get older, we become busier, more practical, cautious, and fearful. We slowly stop believing in what is possible and let our dreams disappear. And in doing so, we lose our connection with Spirit.

I hope you’ll agree that it’s time to reclaim that child who believes in dreams. It’s time to answer God’s call. Join me for this month’s Q&A class, and let’s get started on the road to rediscover your beautiful dreams.

If you can’t join the LIVE session, you can send your questions in advance and you will receive the recording later

When we talk about dreams, we’re not talking about everyday goals (actions) which make our dreams become a reality. We’re talking about that nudge in our heart that knows we were placed on earth to find our purpose. Your dream could be a new career or business, a desire to raise a family, sing, dance, play the flute, watercolor, garden, build homes for the homeless, or live in the mountains. Your dream is as individual as you are. And, honestly, what your dream is doesn’t matter as much as what your dream is asking you to do.

You see, here is the beautiful thing about dreams—they ask you to listen to the voice inside that knows what you need and want. Your dreams ask you to get in touch with your inner child. They ask you to let go of fear and doubt, and to surrender, trust and believe you are worthy of your dreams. Fortunately, we can use the power of Ho’oponopono to let go and erase all the memories that keep us from realizing our dreams. I will show you how.

In other words, your dreams are not only a pathway to happiness and abundance; they are a call to connect with your Divinity, to access that part of you that is alive, awake, and conscious. And this, my friends, is what God wanted in the first place—for you to discover who you are.

Join me, and let’s start this wonderful journey to follow our dreams wherever they lead. Are you ready? Click here to register NOW.

It’s going to be magical,

Mabel Katz


You can participate from ANYWHERE in the World! If you can’t be live during the class, you may still submit your questions and watch the recording later.

If you’re not part of our Ho’oponopono Family, now is your chance. Join our Sacred Ho’oponopono Membership TODAY and receive this exclusive monthly Q&A, plus an entire month of daily and weekly resources. You will find the support of a like-minded community that will help you to clean, stay present and let go.

Spread peace and love

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