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Last seats! Join me in New Jersey

Mabel in New Jersey

Thanks for reading me! Today I bring very good news for you! Next Saturday I will be presenting my Ho’oponopono Seminar in New Jersey and we will have simultaneous translation from Spanish to English. Yes! Now you can participate too!

I will share with you how to let go of your limitations and expectations, how to work with your inner child and attract more happiness and peace in your life, without depending on anything or anyone outside of you. It is your opportunity to let go of old structures and get the tools from this ancient Hawaiian art which will change your life. And just 15 minutes from Manhattan! There are no excuses!

Remember: you are free to choose. You can choose to let go, not engage and set yourself free. When you commit to a Ho’oponopono seminar, you are making these kinds of decisions; and from the minute you sign up, you can see the miracles of our cleaning.

Come and learn how to practice Ho’oponopono effectively!

With love,

Mabel Katz

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