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“Ice blue” in Ho’oponopono

Ice blue in Ho'oponopono

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian art of problem-solving; in other words, a form of meditation that uses a large number of trigger words to function. These words do not directly allude to a specific situation but are all passwords to release worries, beliefs, judgments, and everything that takes us away from the present moment; and a way of allowing what is right and perfect to happen. The Ho’oponopono trigger words or phrases are a way of permitting the memories that are replaying in our subconscious mind, to be erased by Divinity.

“Ice Blue” is a perfect tool when you turn to meditation to relieve physical pain, starting from the same point that we always mentioned in Ho’oponopono – taking 100% responsibility for what happens in our daily lives, moment by moment.

Ways to use the phrase "ice blue" in Ho'oponopono

The main way to use the phrase “ice blue” when doing a Ho’oponopono meditation is to repeat it in your mind when you feel a strong body ache (either headache, pain in the extremities, or any type of pain). The idea is that you repeat this phrase without expectations, even if that annoyance does not disappear in the short term. You keep letting go. 

Remember that Ho’oponopono cleaning is not done for a specific situation, because we never know what memory is playing, or what should happen or manifest. Physical ailments are also memories, and they come to give us the opportunity to let go and clean. There are trigger words or phrases in Ho’oponopono, such as “ice blue”, which are born from the inspiration that Dr. Ihaleakalá received, linked to different situations such as physical or emotional pain; however, all the Ho’oponopono trigger words work equally. A “thank you” or an “I love you” are also valid tools to use in this and any moment in which you remember to clean.

Why the phrase "ice blue" works in Ho'oponopono

As a general rule, you might think that ice is associated with calm and peace; and that the ice blue color is associated with tranquility and healing, but the truth is that we also release the need to understand how each trigger word means or works. We just let go and trust. 

We know that Ho’oponopono is a spiritual practice that allows us to take 100% responsibility and to be at peace no matter what is happening around us. When we clean, we never know what we are avoiding. That knee pain could be perfect, and we could be avoiding cancer, or we could have avoided through our cleaning a major accident; that today manifests itself in a small ailment.

Ho’oponopono features many trigger words that work in our subconscious, giving God (or the Universe) permission to transmute and bring the right and perfect things to our lives. If your heart feels that “ice blue” is the phrase for this physical or emotional discomfort you’re feeling, go for it! but don’t forget that you have the freedom to choose – after all, what is important is that you follow your own inspiration.

Hooponopono Techniques for Problem Solving Special Guest Dr. Ihalakeala Hew Len Thumbnail 800x800 1

Techniques for problem solving Special Guest Dr. Ihaleakalá

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