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How does shame affect your relationships?

QA How Does Shame affect relationships

Do you ever have that uneasy feeling that something is wrong with you? Do you ever feel inadequate, less than, unworthy, or that you’ve done something wrong? Well, there’s a good chance that you are living with shame, an unseen (and often unnamed) emotion that can devastate your self-esteem, rob you of joy and destroy your relationships with those you love the most. Feeling shame is an incredibly painful experience.

And let’s be clear; shame is a two-way street—something we inflict on others and allow others to inflict on us. And no one can inflict shame more than a partner or a parent. These are the people who know us the best and who know our vulnerabilities and fears.

However, if we want healthy relationships, we must acknowledge our role in bringing shame into our lives and to those around us. In this month’s Q&A, I will show you how shame deeply affects your relationships and, more importantly, how to let go of shame once and for all.

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It is important to know that shame causes us to hide our vulnerability, which keeps us from sharing our authentic selves, taking risks, and living our best lives. Shame can also cause us to become defensive when someone points out our mistakes or weaknesses, creating a cycle of blame and defensiveness in relationships, making it difficult to resolve conflicts and connect on a deeper level. Shame can also lead to emotional distancing, where we withdraw from our partner or avoid certain conversations or topics. Most importantly, shame keeps us from knowing how powerful we are and how loved we are by the Universe.

The key to a good relationship is our ability to be vulnerable and to express love, humor, and respect, all of which are impossible with shame or blame. As Ho’oponopono teaches us, the key to ridding ourselves of shame is taking responsibility for our lives and then letting go of all the negative talk (and tapes) we say to ourselves and others.

We must learn to say “I love you” over and over until that love is part of our spirit. And we must love inwardly and outwardly. We must love ourselves and love the world.

There is no room for shame, blame, or judgment in our spiritual life. There is only room for love. And as you will see in this month’s Q&A, the more love and acceptance we have for all, the more beautiful our relationships will be.

I hope you will join me. Let us learn to love together.

Mabel Katz


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