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How are you feeling today?

how are you feeling today

How are you feeling today? Lately, a lot of people have shared with me that they are feeling stressed, anxious, frustrated, disappointed, and down.

I can understand. There are a lot of things going on in the world, and many changes at a planetary level too.

No matter where you’re at with your goals, dreams, and ambitions, you deserve to feel good and be happy. You’re here, alive, and breathing. You made it to this moment.

Did you know that laughter is an amazing tool to get through some very hard times? Cyrus Ontiki, the laughing yoga instructor explains that through laughter, we begin to rebuild the “Memory Muscle” of laughter which may be a little rusty because we haven’t used it much.

I highly recommend this class we did with Cyrus. He will teach you the right way to start your engine and will give you the best recipe to start your day.

You cannot listen to Cyrus without laughing. Impossible! And it is only USD 15.

I dare you to be in a bad mood afterward 🙂

Take good care of yourself. See you soon!

Mabel Katz

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