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Ho’oponopono vs. Affirmations

Hooponopono vs. Affirmations

Has it ever happened to you,  that you thought you knew more than God, or that you felt you knew what was supposed to make you happy or what was right and perfect for you? Have you ever wasted time and energy in your life worrying or agonizing over things that “magically got resolved”?

Can you imagine? With the same part of our minds which we go crazy every day with, we try to control everything that happens in our Universe.

With Ho’oponopono we learn to let go and give permission to God; knowing that He knows best what we need and will bring peace to our lives.

I’m inviting you to watch this video where I share more about this topic with you. 


Play Video about Ho'oponopono vs. Affirmation-s

Perhaps you believe that transforming your life is hard to do, and therefore you feel the need to work hard for “something” to happen. I understand that there are constant challenges, but be prepared for a surprise: you are free and there is an easier way.

Remember that the obstacles which have come your way, whether spiritual, mental, physical, financial or material; are just based on memories replaying in the subconscious mind. I want to remind you that if you are new to Ho’oponopono or have been practicing for years, my Ho’oponopono Webinar with Dr. Ihaleakalá will bring a lot of clarity and light to your life.

It’s time to replace stress and anxiety with peace beyond all understanding. Click here to access this Webinar with Dr. Ihaleakalá and find out how to live life at your full potential.

I think it’s about letting go of opinions, judgements and emotions from the past. nly God can do the transmutation for us and we don’t even need to know or understand how it works!

With love,

Mabel Katz

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