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Ho’oponopono to heal while sleeping

Ho'oponopono to heal while sleeping

It is no secret to anyone that the act of sleeping is necessary to maintain a healthy and wholesome life. Unfortunately, life may present a series of worries that do not allow you to fall asleep easily, affecting your health and creating a lot of discomforts. That’s where Ho’oponopono can help.

When sleep is negatively affected (either because you sleep a lot or because you can’t sleep at all), the Ho’oponopono as a philosophy of life can be the right option, being able to use it not so that you do not have problems sleeping again, but to be at peace no matter what happens. We don’t know what’s right and perfect for us. Maybe it’s not as negative as you think. It could be that the universe is giving you the possibility to write, meditate, and make amends (Ho’oponopono) at those moments.

How to use Ho'oponopono to heal while sleeping?

First, let’s say Ho’oponopono has to be done 24 hours a day. While we sleep, is our subconscious (the inner child) that does it for us.

Ho’oponopono doesn’t want you to explore deep in your mind to find the causes of that particular discomfort that does not let you sleep, but quite the opposite. Ho’oponopono invites you to let go and trust, and stop worrying. Ho’oponopono helps you flow. Perhaps, just by stopping to focus on how badly you sleep, you will start sleeping better. That’s called resisting, and what we resist, persists.

Many people around the world indeed believe that Ho’oponopono is a mantra or a form of meditation. Yes, at a certain point they are right because basically, Ho’oponopono is asking God to show you the way to follow what is right and perfect for you. 

I have always called Ho’oponopono my 24-hour meditation, because if you truly do it (or try to do it) all day, it is a wonderful way to keep your state of consciousness elevated, and when you are sleeping, your memories will continue to be erased. 

Is it easy? Yes! Practicing Ho’oponopono is, what is not really easy is to get our conscious mind to know that it does not have to understand anything, that it does not need to worry about anything, and that it only has to let go and trust. This is our biggest challenge!

Ho’oponopono is primarily an ancient Hawaiian art of problem-solving, which helps us achieve greater clarity of purpose while helping us live and work more effectively. And to sleep is to live!

Poor sleep or insomnia are also memories and practicing Ho’oponopono is saying “thank you” or “I love you” to those thoughts or worries that keep you up. The secret is to observe the thoughts and emotions, and not get hooked, without necessarily making them disappear. 

Do not resist insomnia. Practice Ho’oponopono. Observe, relax, breathe, and flow.

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