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Ho’oponopono to heal another person

hooponopono healt

When thinking of Ho’oponopono, most people know that it is a personal practice. At the end of the day, this meditation of Hawaiian origin has as its focal point to erase the memories in our subconscious minds and take 100% responsibility for what happens in our lives. With Ho’oponopono we realize that there is no one outside doing anything to us, but only us co-creating a life that without Ho’oponopono cleansing, can definitely be more difficult.

Bearing the above in mind, is it possible to use Ho’oponopono to heal another person? We can say that when we do Ho’oponopono, the memories that are erased in us, are also erased from our families, relatives, and ancestors. They are deleted from everyone. So it’s an individual’s job that of course generates a collective impact and that we do it without expectations. We share common memories from other lifetimes, but we do not know what is right for them.

Do we do Ho'oponopono to heal another person?

The idea of Ho’oponopono meditation is simply to make you aware that you have the responsibility for what happens in your life, lifting the veil that did not allow you to see that just as you created it, you can also change it.

We do not do Ho’oponopono so that a specific “problem” is solved or a certain person is healed. We just look to be at peace even if the problem is not resolved or the other person doesn’t heal. It may be that a challenge leads us to practice Ho’oponopono, to stay in the present when circumstances want to drag us to the past and the future; but always without expectations because we don’t know even what is correct and perfect for us. Only from humility and observation can we see the miracles in our lives and that of others.

You also don’t need to convince anyone to practice Ho’oponopono meditation. Ho’oponopono seeks to internalize it yourself in order to contribute to helping others.

Have you ever stopped to think how many times we think we know what each other’s lives should be like? How long should he live or what should happen to him? If that person should have children and how many? if you should get married and with whom? Is it professional or not? If what happens to you “fair” or “unfair”? We carry many generations believing that there is a victim and a victimizer, with memories of lack and poverty, of sickness and pain, loneliness and panic.

It’s time to let go of the need to judge or analyze. Remember that if we don’t know what is right for us, the less we know what is right for others. Ho’oponopono is very easy and only needs you to focus on the present moment. Perhaps from your power to change your own life, you can heal others.


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