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Ho’oponopono – Peace & Women

28 MjhOT1ZfMTgyLmpwZw==I have been saying this for a while; Peace is going to come from women.

Remember my story in Maracaibo, Venezuela?  When I told my Arab students that I wanted the opportunity to talk with Arab women? So, they helped me by gathering a group of women, and then invited me to one of their homes to share my message.

The person that organized this meeting didn’t tell them I was Jewish.  At that point they could only see me as someone that thought as they did, and was looking for the same things. No surprise, we are all family. We all want Peace.

I mentioned to them: “if you think about it, are our sons and daughters, the ones we love the most, the ones paying the price for our wars.” “We keep replaying memories, we keep fighting for our ancestors, and ultimately, we keep having our children die for them”

Intellects create wars.  Intellects do not know how to create peace. The intellect thinks it knows better, the intellect keeps replaying the memories from our ancestors. The anger and hate in the Middle East is not between our sons and daughters, but between our intellects and memories replaying.

We can’t solve the problems of the wars in the Middle East by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

In Israel, I discovered that besides the many groups of Jewish and Palestinians working together in schools, and through the arts, etc., there are also many women groups uniting. This is so encouraging to me, because it proves one more time, there are no differences, and by letting go of our memories, beliefs and judgments, we let go of what we believe are our differences.

Let me share with you an incredible story. Batgal, one of our assistants and a great friend in Israel, sent me an e-mail saying she was in Los Angeles. You know how big Los Angeles is? When I read her e-mail, I thought, well, I am sure she will be far away and we will not be able to see each other. To my great surprise, she was going to be staying in the town that I live in.

So you get the picture of how big Los Angeles is, you can both be in this same city but still be hours a lot of traffic apart.  Do you know how Batgal made it to my home? She rode a bike. She was staying only 15 min. from my house! There is no way you can move around this City without a car! This was the first great coincidence about her trip to Los Angeles.

Then Batgal told me about one of the events she participated in while in Los Angeles. This was a Brave Heart Women event, and she told me about what Brave Heart Women were doing to unite Palestinians and Jewish women. I thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest. I was sooo excited to hear this, they had the same inspiration about working with women that I have had for years, and they were already doing it!

Remember, I shared with you back when I put together my Peace Campaign, how my vision was clear, this was something I knew I could not do on my own…

On the day I was leaving to come to Tel Aviv, Laurie from Brave Heart Women called me and said, “You should get together with Tamara.”

I sent an e-mail to Tamara from Moscow letting her know I was coming to Tel Aviv and wanted to meet her. She responded right away. On my first day in Israel she sent me an e-mail, and asked me if we could have lunch that day, but I already had plans with Yael, my organizer. I suggested we meet for coffee after. She agreed.

Yael came to pick me up to my hotel, we both agreed to have lunch at the beach, but Yael started walking in one direction and I suggested to go in another one. Once we were at the restaurant we were going to sit at one table, and then we decided to move to another one on the opposite side. We started talking, we ordered our food, we continued chatting. Suddenly, the person sitting next to us approached me and said, “Are you Mabel?”  Yes, you guessed, it was Tamara!!

What are the chances, that without us arranging it, we ended up sitting at the next table, at the same restaurant, on the beach in Tel Aviv? Was that God’s arrangement or what?

Besides Tamara attending my Ho’oponopono seminars, we shared very nice moments together in Israel, while meeting other interesting women and groups. I was sure to connect her with people I knew that I believed could help her on her BIG Mission there.

Here is the interview I did to Tamara in Tel Aviv. She will be able to tell you better than me, about what she and Brave Heart Women are creating and putting together in the Middle East. This is HUGE!

I do know this is all very interesting AND I am sharing it with so you know and you participate!

Please sign up here if you want to bring Peace and make a difference, so we connect with you and maintain you inform of the opportunities.

Spread peace and love

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