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Ho’oponopono for Personal Motivation


How many times have you felt overwhelmed and full of worries and don’t know where to run to first? Or how many times have you seen yourself without a way out, not knowing what to do or where to run to? 

Definitely, personal motivation is that energy and internal force that is born from the depths of our being and leads us to take small and big steps in our life. Those that make us overcome fears and doubts. To be motivated is to have the engine running, and to be willing to start without anything or anyone stopping us.

The question is, how do we do it? It is almost impossible to feel motivated in the midst of a sea of thoughts and worries. Ho’oponopono, the ancient Hawaiian art of problem-solving that changed my life and that of thousands of people around the world, is one of the best tools that can help you stop that constant bombardment so that you can achieve that peace beyond understanding, and you can motivate yourself and move and act from your own inspiration.

You will notice that when you let go, your mind calms down. At that moment you will be able to obtain the personal motivation you require to go through the challenges of this crazy world and feel wonderful.

Life is the greatest gift we have and all that we call problems or lack of motivation are memories playing in our subconscious mind and leading us to complain all the time about the past or worry about the future, but all we have is this present moment.

Precisely the lack of motivation maybe due to memories from the past. 

In summary, everyone could live an easier life and be more spontaneous when one lives  in the present moment. In the present, at zero, is where the magic happens. 

Therefore, whenever you find yourself lost in a timeline that is not the one of this moment, remember to use the Ho’oponopono tools (trigger words) to come back to the present. Repeating them mentally helps you return to the present and allow that inspiration to emerge in your life and feel that motivation to move in the right direction.

Do not try to understand it or look for any explanation, and you will see how everything begins to flow correctly and perfectly, without effort.

Rediscovering ourselves through Ho’oponopono means connecting with our true selves. It is also the surest way to achieve true happiness.

A happy and full  life, contrary to what is thought, is not only for a few chosen ones; but it is the bithright of everyone who dares to claim it. 

If you ask for help through Ho’oponopono, help will come. Let go, trust, and you will feel motivated to go for the life of your dreams.

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