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Ho’oponopono for Peace


Mabel has a lot to tell you, from her retreat in Medellin to the first immersive Zero Frequency® in Monterrey. But in last Saturday’s LIVE, her focus was deeper. She talked about how Ho’oponopono can bring peace and harmony to your life and the world.

It was an enriching space, full of experiences and wisdom. You can watch the video below:

There are new things on YouTube

We take this opportunity to tell you that every week you will find something new in content for you. Below, we leave you a NEW video that we know you will like.

Did you know that Mabel has a NEW Gratitude Journal?

This journal is not just a notebook to write on, but a vessel where the cleaning of Ho’oponopono flows through your thoughts, reflections, consciousness, and heart. Each entry will remind you that gratitude is a powerful force, a key to unlocking the doors to inner peace.

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