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Ho’oponopono For Everyone

ho'oponopono for everyone

After so many years on this mission to bring awareness and awaken more and more people around the world, I can now say that Ho’oponopono works for everyone. It is up to us to realize that we cannot expect different results if we continue to do the same thing.

Sometimes someone’s impulse to wake up and begin the search for truth and a deeper meaning in their life has to do with a time of great challenges or sadness; for others, it’s just a soft nudge or maybe a discontent or a great disappointment which drives them to search for answers.

It is definitely necessary to be encouraged to leave our comfort zone and maintain a commitment to Ho’oponopono cleaning and ourselves. It’s about working inward because the only way for “the outside” to change, is to change ourselves.

Ho’oponopono means to amend or correct an error. According to this ancestral Hawaiian art that changed my life and the lives of thousands of people around the world, the problems that appear in our lives come from a thought, a memory, or a program that we have accumulated in our subconscious mind and appears as opportunities to repair mistakes from other lifetimes. We do this by releasing and deleting them, instead of reacting and getting hooked and accumulating more memories to erase in the future.

When you let go, you are allowing the Divinity in you to erase what you are ready to let go. At that moment space is generated, and that’s where inspiration can come into your life, and it can bring you what’s right and perfect for you. You free yourself from the drama and manipulation of your own mind. 

Can you imagine? Being 100% responsible for everything that happens, and fulfilling your most important job: letting go, trusting, and being happy. This will change you and will set you free.

Let me remind you that the problem is never the problem, but our reaction to the problem is the real problem.

If you’re attached to what you think should happen, and how things should be, Ho’oponopono may definitely not be for you; because for this practice to work you need to become a child againrepeat some trigger words mentally, let go and trust without expectations, knowing or understanding. 

Why, how, when, and where are questions that we eliminate from our vocabulary because our life is in the hands of a higher force, which we can truly trust and to which with full confidence we can surrender because it knows what is best for us. As long as you permit it will be conspiring for your own good.

Ho’oponopono has helped millions of people live a peaceful, happy, and conscious life, and maybe it can do the same for you. In my case, it has been a totally liberating journey.

 I have made it my mission and a lifestyle – in which I make no more plans, I only let myself be guided.

I highly recommend it to you.

Spread peace and love

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