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Ho’oponopono – Change your Values, Change your Life

Aloha my friend!

I have to tell you that it is incredible the opportunities that God gave me to clean in my last trip to Ecuador.

I was told that I got stuck in Miami because they needed me to clean there.

Then, the following day, and after all the delays, I was told that I was there to avoid somebody’s heart attack.

Well, I couldn’t believe it when in the middle of the flight, they started asking if there was a doctor on board.

I started cleaning like crazy and before we landed I asked what has happened  and they told me everything was OK.

I arrived to Ecuador 24 hours later, and I cannot tell you I was happy, but knowing that everything happens for a reason and that all these things give you great opportunities to clean, it helps.


Well, now I have the mini workshop In Los Angeles this Saturday and I will be on my way to Monterrey and Mexico City next week, but before I leave, I will have my monthly Q&A with you this Monday at 12 pm California time.


This month theme: Change your values -Change your Life! and will be open to everybody (not only to Gold members)


Let me ask you: What are your Values now? 

Did you know you are not your Values? You are much more than your Values.


What do your Values need to be in order to create the Life that you want?


Yes, if you are not a Gold member, you can still participate for $45.00  and when you do, you get a 30% discount coupon that you can apply to theZero Frequency Passion Series.


Peace within IS world peace.

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Spread peace and love

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