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Ho’oponopono and Weight Loss

Ho'oponopono to lose weight

Can Ho’oponopono be used for weight loss?

Many people dismiss what the mind can do to the body. So much, so that just a few people can find that intrinsic relationship that exists between a word and an action, causing it to become much more difficult to slim down or lose weight, among other challenges.

The truth of all this is that the mind plays an important role when it comes to losing weight and, therefore, it is more than possible to practice Ho’oponopono to lose weight, understanding that this is a problem-solving practice that is based on taking 100% responsibility to achieve our best version of ourselves and improve or heal any discomfort within life. So, knowing that you can use Ho’oponopono to lose weight, how can this kind of meditation be used to accomplish that goal?

How to use Ho'oponopono to lose weight

Weight loss is related to working with your inner child, as he or she controls your physique. The act of eating also has to do with emotions. And the body is also memories. If we resist, we will not lose weight; that is why it is so important that you start by loving and accepting yourself as you are. Ho’oponopono seeks to change the way you perceive yourself, managing to reconnect with your true essence, and from there, be able to create and sustain a life of peace and happiness.

Incorporating the practice of Ho’oponopono into your everyday life is key. Ho’oponopono’s trigger words have the ability to erase memories in the subconscious and eliminate the emotional codes through which we resist.

By itself Ho’oponopono will not make you lose weight, it will help you release much of the negativity that may be affecting you. Of course, it will be necessary that you complement it (at least) with a healthy lifestyle of which you can be proud. The fewer negative thoughts you have in your daily life, the faster you can practice better habits and reach the weight you want.

Preliminary considerations when using Ho'oponopono for weight loss

Knowing in a simple way how to practice Ho’oponopono to lose weight, it is necessary to mention certain considerations to take into account. These considerations (in conjunction with everything already mentioned) are the following:

    1. Ho’oponopono becomes effective when the so-called trigger words are used, being that these simple phrases can help you to be more in the present moment and not get hooked on those negative and pessimistic thoughts of the past.
    2. Being in the present moment is the key. Ho’oponopono prevents us from traveling to the past and from creating failure pictures and sad endings of the future in our minds, forgetting that with our thoughts and assumptions we condition and create our own reality. 
    3. A sense of humor can be a powerful weapon to achieve all the goals you set for yourself. We do Ho’oponopono without expectations, but of course, we stay true to our dreams and let God or the Universe lead the way for us. Just as we don’t know what we’re avoiding, nor do we know the miracles that are there for us. A cheerful, happy, humorous attitude can definitely make a difference in your life – turn the other cheek to “problems”, and laugh at them. 
    4. It is really necessary that you do not worry about understanding or believing what you say when you practice Ho’oponopono. Ho’oponopono is about giving God (or the Universe) permission to bring you what is right and perfect for you.  That way you will attract the perfect and correct diet and exercises for you.

Although it may not really seem like it, your mind can align perfectly with your body to achieve wonders that even you cannot imagine. Most of us are never happy with what we have, and we are always comparing ourselves to others.  I suggest that you work with your inner child (your subconscious) and love and accept yourself the way you are. 

Let go of the obsession of wanting to lose weight, after all, it is about being fine as you are. If you do your Ho’oponopono practice, you will start to feel better yourself, and what is right and perfect will happen effortlessly.

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