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Ho’oponopono and the 108 times

Ho'oponopono and the 108 times

One of the biggest questions that arise when talking about Ho’oponopono is how long this kind of meditation should last. It is even also frequently doubted that it really works since not many people are willing to wait to obtain the necessary results. Remember that we always “think” that we know what is right and when things should happen. So much is happening on the Internet, that it is possible you found some type of reading about Ho’oponopono 108 times.

The number 108 has a very interesting relationship with regards to prayer, meditation, and direct communication with the universe, this is maybe why they mention it, and the association they make with Ho’oponopono. Let’s make some clarifications.

Should Ho'oponopono be practiced 108 times?

The anguish and the desire to know if a process can really work are aspects that limit and condition any type of practice that we would want to carry out. In the case of Ho’oponopono, it is not different. This philosophy of life suggests moving away as much as possible from despair and expectations to achieve the perfect results. The key to Ho’oponopono is in the confidence you have in yourself!

If you trust and also let go of expectations, little or nothing will be able to alter your reality – because it is you, creating it with your thoughts. You have to understand that this Hawaiian art is closely linked to the human mind, working directly with the subconscious mind to erase accumulated memories, and give permission to a greater force (God or the Universe) to erase them and take action in your life. That’s why you can’t put a time limit on this practice!

The idea of practicing Ho’oponopono 108 times is simply something that appears on the internet, but the important thing is to highlight that this number of repetitions refers more to the creation of a habit that you will have to maintain throughout your life. The memories in your subconscious mind replay all the time, so Ho’oponopono has to be practiced all the time too.

Keep in mind that Ho’oponopono seeks to erase the memories that are replaying in your subconscious mind and thus be able to release negative thoughts. Carrying out this task is not something that can be measured in time! You should practice it as many times as possible, 24 hours a day!

Why 108 times?

The diameter of the Sun is approximately 108 times the diameter of the Earth. And the distance between the Earth and the Moon is 108 times the diameter of the Moon. This is one of the reasons why the ancient sages considered the number 108 to be sacred, and many spiritual practices use it.

The truth is that it does not have a certain foundation in this ancestral practice because as we said before, the more we practice Ho’oponopono, the better.

For example, when meditating, it is common for people to use what is known as a mala, a Tibetan rosary used by the monks of the region to get in tune with the universe. The mala has 108 beads! which help keep track of everything that has been done in terms of repetitions of the mantra. None of this has anything to do with Ho’oponopono but it is certainly a possible relationship with what is going around on the net.

Since the mantras are closely related to Hinduism, it is not strange to come across a relationship between Ho’oponopono and the 108 times, especially if one considers that this specific number is also related to the universe and the Divinity to which this philosophy relates. 

Check out these fun facts about the number 108:

  • In Hinduism there are 108 names that are used to refer to Divinity.
  • We find 108 characters in the Sanskrit alphabet.
  • In traditional astrology, 9 planets and 12 constellations, finding that 9×12 results in 108.
  • It is said that there are 108 lines of energy coming out of the heart chakra, more closely related to the belief that the number 108 symbolizes the perfection of everything.
  • The interior angles of a regular pentagon are 108 degrees, meaning that the pentagon is one of the geometric figures most associated with “The Whole” throughout various cultures.

Although great importance can be given to the number 108 in the world of meditation and, properly speaking, in Hinduism and astrology, it cannot be forgotten that you do not need any of this to practice Ho’oponopono. It is simply about letting go and trusting, repeating the trigger words as much as you can, and trying to stay in the present for as long as possible.

Therefore, it is more than likely that if you want to achieve positive results, you will need to invest more time in your daily life practice of Ho’oponopono.

Cheer up. Let go and trust. Over time it becomes natural, a part of you, like breathing.


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  1. Erica Ashforth says:

    I appreciate all the information that you have here. I’ve done the 108 times doing this per hour. However, my question is how often should I repeat it to get the best benefits possible when practicing it for a particular person?

    1. Mabel Matz says:

      You don’t have to think about the person. When that person comes to mind, you want to let go. When anything comes to mind, you let go. The idea is not to think or worry, that way you allow God to transmute those memories. Ho’oponopono has to be done all the time, like breathing. Memories are playing 24-7 and God already knows all your problems. He is just waiting for you to give permission. I highly recommend my Ho’oponopono mini workshop That could give you a lot of clarification. Thank you for the opportunity to clean with this.

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