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Ho’oponopono and Fears

what is fear

During these times that humanity is living, fears are a common currency and invade the lives of more and more people. Just as there is a wonderful awakening of consciousness in a greater majority, there are many other human beings who live trapped in fear of death, of not having money, of being alone and not being able to do what they love, and ultimately, leave their comfort zone – stop doing the same thing to get different results.

Whoever is afraid does not know who they really are; that death does not exist, that we are not alone, and that there is a God (or an invisible force that “knows more than we do”) who is willing to show us the solutions to our problems, the best way forward, and more.

The energy follows thought, so it’s time to erase with Ho’oponopono the beliefs installed in the mind that leads you to distrust, to fear, to always assume the “worst” – without knowing that behind everything that happens, even if it does not seem like it, there is a blessing.

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Through this ancient Hawaiian art, we also say, “thank you” to our fears, and “I love you,” is a way of showing them the other cheek, every time they appear. The cheek of love. They are just memories playing and replaying themselves in our subconscious mind.

I know that in life many things will arise, but if you stay in the present moment through your Ho’oponopono cleaning, everything will be correct and perfect, and easier. Fears may be inevitable, and will always arise, but encourage yourself to feel them and move forward, do it anyways. You can delete them with Ho’oponopono, as if you were pressing the “delete” key on your computer.

Every time fear appears in your life, do what you set out to do anyway. Say “thank you, but I have important things to do.”

You are much more powerful than your fears. Free yourself because there is a world of opportunities, happiness, peace, and abundance waiting for you.

Don’t miss it. It is a gift to be on Earth right now. The practice of Ho’oponopono will help you control those fears and set you free.

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