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Ho’oponopono: A philosophy and therapy for anger management

A philosophy and therapy for anger management

Ho’oponopono, which originates from a Hawaiian ancient art, has now been seen as an effective tool that can be used in reshaping the mind in a form of therapy.  What Ho’oponopono entails does not only work just you. Ho’oponopono therapy can be used to heal others from whatever they are going through in their mental state. When you enter into the process through the various healing tools, Ho’oponopono for anger management also applies as it is covered in the mantra. What makes the ancient Hawaiian practice to be relevant in this contemporary time can be linked to the Ho’oponopono philosophy which is distinct and produces results. 

The philosophy of Ho’oponopono

The core ideology of Ho’oponopono focuses on taking 100% responsibility, repentance, and forgiveness. The practice of Ho’oponopono is about reconciliation and also serves as a tool for restoration of self-love. The word Ho’oponopono itself means “to make a right” or “to correct an error.” The philosophy of Ho’oponopono concentrates on the answer to three questions: “who am I”, “what is the problem” and “how to resolve a problem.” 

Please know that your essence is pure, perfect, and flawless. If your essence is perfect, then why is there conflict and negative energies within you? And why are you 100% responsible? It has to do with the memories and the programming / programs playing in your subconscious mind. This leads to the question of what is the problem, you will discover it is just all about replayed memories. Opportunities to erase them, blessings in disguise. Then to the final question of how to fix the problem? Then comes Ho’oponopono cleaning that old programming / program and memories, most of the time from other lifetimes, or even from ancestors. It is based on this belief that Ho’oponopono stands for mantras, phrases, trigger words, prayers, meditations, or whatever you want to call the Ho’oponopono tools for forgiveness.

Ho’oponopono therapy for anger management

Anger and frustration are what brought me to Ho’oponopono, and this practice is what brought me so much happiness and peace in my life. Ho’oponopono deals with self-healing by forgiving oneself and others. When you follow the process, by repeating the Ho’oponopono prayer and tools, you will be able to get rid of any form of anger that might be seating in your mind. As I mentioned, Ho’oponopono means taking 100% responsibility, “I am sorry. Please forgive me, for whatever is in me that created or attracted this.” See? You created it? You can change it. You regain your power and you will be able to get rid of anger and embrace love. This information will help you heal from anger and prevent you from getting angry as it will become as natural as breathing, and you will start reacting less.


Understanding the Ho’oponopono philosophy goes a long way in helping us relate to the forgiveness process and how it can transform us, serving even as therapy. Ho’oponopono for anger management through the forgiveness of self and others will enable you to live a happy, peaceful, and balanced life.

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